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Vincent Prescribed Burn Now In Patrol Status

SIERRA NATIONAL FOREST — Yesterday at 4:30 p.m., crews completed ignitions on the 237-acre Vincent prescribed burn on the High Sierra Ranger District of the Sierra National Forest (SNF).

The day brought slightly warmer temperatures that allowed good burning conditions to complete the unit.

This prescribed burn was first ignited on May 24, and took place near Cressman’s at the top of the 4-lane on Highway 168. It focused on safety by removing flashy surface fuels to provide community protection, reducing fire hazard and risk in the summer months, say SNF officials.

“Forest visitors will be able to see what fire does to clean the forest floor and ensure long-term sustainability of this ecosystem.”

All control lines are reported to have been burned and continue to hold strong. Crews will continue spending time bolstering these control lines and cleaning up where necessary. The hose lay on the North/Mid Slope line will remain in place for a while longer to support any water needs that may arise.

As of now, the plan is to have the High Sierra’s Firestorm 20-person crew remain assigned to the burn for the remainder of their time on the District.

Peterson Mill Road currently has black from Four Corners west about 1¾ miles. Efforts were made prior to ignitions to mitigate any roll-out potential, however crews will remain vigilant in patrolling and securing the road’s edge.

Visitors and residents may see smoke, or active fire within the interior over the next week or two. Smoke impacts are expected to be minimal, and more information is available about air quality and smoke by visiting either or

Today, the burn is in patrol status with Firestorm and Engine 341 assigned to the incident. The Sierra National Forest now has crews beginning preparation of adjacent units. The hope is to begin introducing fire to additional units in the area within the next week as favorable conditions permit.

“All crews involved in this inter-agency project did an outstanding job on this very technical burn,” say SNF officials. “Their vigilance and precision in executing this prescription treatment should be noticed. Thanks to all for the support as we look ahead.”

(Photos courtesy of Sierra National Forest)

Sierra NF Planning Vincent Fuel Break Prescribed Fire

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