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Minarets Introduces New Aquaponics System

Image of hydroponically grown strawberries.

By Adam Saldivar, student journalist for Minarets Press Minarets High School is now featuring a new aquaponics system run by agriculture teacher Keeley Hall. An aquaponics system is a food production system that utilizes hydroponics in the water to collect nutrients from fish, allowing plants to be grown. When asked about the location of the new aquaponics system, Hall stated, ...

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Minarets Football Season Comes to a Close

Image of Minarets football team playing a game.

By Caden Shows and Evan McCarty, student journalists at Minarets Press While there have not been many athletic events this season due to pandemic restrictions, the Minarets Football team worked to make every game count. This year, Minarets Football ended the season with a record of 0 and 4, but they are looking forward to the next season and to ...

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Hiking Mirror Lake Loop Trail With Dogwood Blooms & A Bear

Checking out dogwood blooms and waterfalls in Yosemite Valley is an annual thing for me but I sure didn’t expect to meet a bear while hiking on the Mirror Lake Loop Trail. Where: Yosemite National ParkDistance: 7.25 MilesDifficulty: EasyElevation Range: 3,983′ – 4,285′Date: April 30, 2021CALTOPO: Curry Village to Mirror Lake Loop TrailDog Hike? Maybe I maximized my dogwood viewing ...

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History Mystery 98: The Case of the Raymond Rail Yard

Image of the train depot at Raymond, CA.

E Clampus Vitus Grub Gulch Chapter 41-49 is working with the Raymond Museum to determine the actual locations of the structures and facilities in the SP Raymond Branch rail yard in Raymond. We have some photos and some drawings, but we are in need of more information. Many of the photos we have were taken with fisheye lenses, which distort ...

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How Art Shapes Our Lives: Creativity

Image of the Mona Lisa.

By Sal Maccarone A good imagination, careful contemplation and personal interpretation are just a few of the ingredients that go to define artistic creativity. The ability to produce something from virtually nothing requires a myriad of skills. Sometimes what appears to be haphazard is really the result of very long consideration. Studies of highly creative individuals have shown that they ...

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Recipe of the Week: Very Berry and Creamy Coconut Ice Cream

Image of a bowl of Very Berry ice cream.

Few relationships are as special as a bond between a mother and her child. There is often so much laughter, so much love and so many good times spent around food and family over the years. From trying new foods together and cooking lessons at a young age to time-honored family recipes, there are few things better than mom’s cooking. ...

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Virtual Yosemite: Off the Beaten Track

Image of Bridalveil Fall, Yosemite.

While Yosemite is known for popular landmarks and trails, some of its most interesting locations are sometimes found off the beaten path. See the 360° immersive VR experience here. One of these is the Old Big Oak Flat Road – the original toll road into Yosemite Valley, built (primarily by hand) in the 1870s. The wide and gently graded road ...

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Hiking Through Time to the McCauley Addition and Foresta Falls

My hiking boots took me back through time to property once owned by James McCauley, an immigrant from Ireland seeking his fortune in gold. We remember him best for building the Four Mile Trail, building the two-story hotel at Glacier Point known as the Mountain House, starting the tradition that became known as the “firefall” and so much more. Since ...

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