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"Adventure with a Twist" is the goal of Noma Resort

Noma Resort: Hidden Oasis on Yosemite’s Doorstep – Part 2

NORTH FORK—This article is a continuation of last week’s “Noma Resort: Hidden Oasis on Yosemite’s Doorstep.”  

Noma Resort sits near the entrance to the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway, at the historic apple orchard near Clearwater Fire Station. It’s one of the loveliest areas of the Byway, especially since the devastating forest fires of the last several years. The Leyva Brothers, the faces behind the Noma Resort name, aim to make it become even more vital and inviting as they embark on their plans.

Last week’s article described the grand vision for Noma Resort. This week’s describes how the Leyva brothers intend to make it come to life.

Now in Phase “Zero”

Nick Leyva indicates that Noma Resorts currently occupy “Phase Zero” or the  “proof of concept,” or “minimum viable product phase.”  Once they’re ready, the execution of the “real” phases take place, beginning with Phase One.

Phase One

One of the geodesic domes on Noma Resort property

They soon plan  to move to Phase 1, named Awareness Village, or “Vila,” again from the Swedish. Vila features 30 upscale modern Scandinavian A-Frames, a partial service spa, event space for weddings, retreatsand family reunions. Ten additional units that will be used for accommodating the overnight needs of events-focused guests. 

Phase Two

Phase 2 will see the installation of Adventure Village, or the Swedish “Aventyr” which will involve  10 luxurious small-size geodesic domes, 10 large luxury domes, and an additional pond. They would like to add a farm-to-table restaurant to offer certain organic grass-fed/finished meats and produce, sourced locally. Noma will continue to offer the seven varieties of apples still being grown on the ranch.

Classes and Activities Offered in Phase Two

During Phase 2 Noma also intends to offer classes in yoga, meditation and journaling in addition to activities such as archery and axe throwing. The property already boasts four ponds where Noma encourages guests to fish or canoe, if they wish.

Phase Three to Completion

When asked for an estimated completion date of all the phases, Nick said that they are hoping for Phase 2 by 2026 to 2027 with Phase 3 by 2030. They envision a five-to-ten year plan.

Challenges Met

One of four ponds on Noma land, available for fishing

During its relatively short existence, Noma has not been without challenges, but they’re up for meeting them. Nick says, “Our property has been spared complete destruction by fire, by flood, and who knows what else may come. We see this as a symbol of hope.  It rallies us towards building a place to help others rise from the apparent ashes of the struggles of their own lives. Nothing can or will knock us down and out. We will always keep trying and believe that we will continue to experience miracles as we do so.” 

They weathered the massive snowfall of 2023 with the loss of some 100 apple trees. New chasms opened up new features on the property and created a beach area where none existed previously. Luckily they had no guests on-site at the time.

When asked how they have prepared themselves to deal with the potential of future fires or storms, Nick says they have worked well with local entities. Those include U. S. Forest Service, CalFire, the Madera County Sheriff’s Office and Madera County Fire Department. Noma has been used as a staging area for emergency events. Noma strives to be helpful, reliable members of the community and to proactively work with local agencies to mitigate the negative effects of any issues or disasters that may arise.

It Takes a Village

Noma Resort is an ideal wedding venue.

They  know that they cannot do this alone. “It truly takes a village to make a vision like this possible,” Nick states. “And we have met wonderful people in North Fork and Madera County. That proves to us that friendship and hospitality are alive and well in this part of California. We are eager to be a help and a positive influence on the lives of all of those who have already graciously shared their support for us.”

Contact Information

Noma Resort is located at 65501 Mammoth Pool Road, North Fork. To obtain more information about Noma Resorts, contact them at 559-632-0642, or view their website. They are on Facebook and Instagram.

Photos courtesy of Noma Resort.

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