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Sierra News Online provides UNLIMITED impressions for all of our advertisers, with a set monthly rate, to make budgeting easy. The average impressions for the Header position in July was over 85,000 per ad.

Here’s what to do now… call or email us at advertise@sierranewsonline.com or call 559-286-9001, 559-676-0559, or 559-877-3333.

Sierra News Online was launched in June of 2012 and since then has grown faster than our most optimistic expectations.

In July 2018 we saw:

  • Over 1,656,000 Page Views
  • Over 498,000 Sessions
  • Nearly 200,000 Users
  • 65.8% are Returning Visitors
  • 34.2% are New Visitors

In July 2017 we saw:

  • Over 1,450,000 Page Views
  • Over 450,000 Sessions
  • Over 190,000 Users
  • 62.4% are Returning Visitors
  • 37.6% are New Visitors

In July 2016 we saw:

  • Over 660,000 Page Views
  • Over 199,000 Sessions
  • Over 83,000 Users
  • 67.7% are Returning Visitors
  • 32.3% are New Visitors

In July 2015 we saw:

  • Over 425,000 Page Views
  • Over 217,000 Sessions
  • Over 90,000 Users
  • 67.4% are Returning Visitors
  • 32.6% are New Visitors

Business owners and residents alike know that Sierra News Online is the place to be for breaking news, community events, emergency alerts, local bloggers, free classified ads and the most comprehensive calendar available. This is where your customers are.

In short, Sierra News Online is what everyone in Eastern Madera and Mariposa Counties has been looking for… Live, Local News – Every Day, 24/7.

This fast start and the continued impressive growth rate is an indication that Sierra News Online will be a community resource and asset for years to come. Join the SNO family of advertisers and reach a broad market while your business grows with us!

Beyond the value that Sierra News Online brings to the local communities, it provides an invaluable resource to visitors from around the world. Visitors will find information on local attractions, updated information on Yosemite National Park, weather reports, lodging options, local music and events and so much more on one site.

If you own a business and want to promote an event, product or service, we encourage you to look to Sierra News Online as the best option to get your message in front of both locals and visitors. Online advertising reaches around the world and is not encumbered by printing or production costs – your customer has immediate access to more information or to make an online purchase.

For details and to become an advertising partner, contact advertise@sierranewsonline.com or call Laura at 559-760-0806, 559-676-0559, or 559-877-3333.

Sierra News Online

Sierra News Online