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Over the Garden Fence: Gardening for the Physically Challenged

Picture of a man gardening.

By Bob Labozetta, UC Master Gardener, Mariposa MARIPOSA — Gardening is a great physically activity that keeps one’s mind, spirit, and body in healthy condition. Offering exercise, sunshine, food and ornamentals are optimal benefits of this outdoor exertion. Age and physical limitations may seem to preclude this enjoyable avocation. However, careful planning, new techniques and modified garden implements can make ...

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History Mystery #84: North Fork Lumber Mill Teepee Burner

Picture of a North Fork Lumber Mill teepee burner

By Don Grove This is a photograph of the teepee burner at the North Fork lumber mill. Sawdust and scraps of wood from the milling process were burned in the teepee burner. In the June 1951 newsletter of the Associated Lumber & Box Company sawmill — The American Eagle — the teepee burner and mill pond were operational. On what ...

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How to Use Mulches for Undercover Gardening

Picture of a wheelbarrow with mulch in it

By Brian David, UC Master Gardener, Mariposa California’s winter rains patter on fallen leaves and brown grasses above soils crawling with sub-terrestrial animals. Natural mulch feeds a crescendo of green emerging to meet the sky. Mulching is a cycle of plants and trees laying down their old lives to produce the earth’s new life. When we spread organic matter over ...

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Why are Living Trusts called ‘Living Trusts’?

  Presented by Martha Patterson, Certified Elder Law Attorney California Certified Specialist: Estate Planning, Trusts and Probate At my recent Seminar one of the questions was “Why are Living Trusts called “Living Trusts”? The person who asked is very intelligent and it is a really good question especially since Living Trusts focus on planning for what happens to your estate ...

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History Mystery #83 – Do You Recognize This House?

Picture of an unknown house.

By Karen Morris (with thanks to Don Grove) This building has been home to many families since its service as a way station. Our records begin with the McGinity family. They lived here beginning in 1904. We are not sure how long they stayed. The Hanningan Family moved in about 1942 and stayed until 1947. Hazel Kennedy and her family ...

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The History Mystery #82 – Do You Recognize These Women?

Picture of two women from the Mono tribe

NORTH FORK — This photo is courtesy of Rose Davis-Cobb, board member of the Sierra Mono Museum & Cultural Center, and features two Mono women who are extras in the movie “Deer Slayer.” Can anyone provide information on where the filming took place in the area of North Fork, Madera County? What were the names of other local extras? What ...

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The History Mystery #81

Picture of old lumber mill

Article submitted by Don Grove This photograph of a lumber mill was in the collection of Jesse Love, which is housed in the archive library of the Sierra Historical Sites Association. He was a long-time resident of the area, and once worked at the Sugar Pine lumber mill. He noted on the photo that this was not Sugar Pine, but ...

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Toys for Tots’ 2019 Toy Drive is Coming to Eastern Madera County

MADERA COUNTY — Here it is, another year for Eastern Madera County and Toys For Tots. Their 2019 campaign is in full swing with almost 100 donation boxes supported by local businesses, schools, and organizations, from Raymond to North Fork. Look for the Toys For Tots banners on display. Last year, mountain communities came together to provide toys for over ...

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Ferguson Fire News – Behind The Scenes In Lush Meadows

Submitted by Jeannie Harsha – MARIPOSA COUNTY – Smokey sunrises, fiery front-page photos, convoys of fire trucks and personnel – we see these every day in our foothill communities of late. I love the signs of support for our fire crews and law enforcement along the local routes that I travel. They like it, too. Some of them have told ...

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What a Deal! Thrifting In The Oakhurst Area

If you’re a thrift store junkie like I am, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the various shops we have here in the Yosemite area. I’ve gotten so many deals at the thrift stores here in town, half my house is decorated with my fun finds. I mean, why pay retail if you can recycle? And when you’re ready for a ...

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