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Over the Garden Fence: Six Winter Vegetables

Image of plant seedlings emerging from the snow.

By Bob Labozetta (UC Master Gardener, Mariposa) It’s cold outside now, but there are still options for the ambitious vegetable gardener. Consider planting these six winter vegetables. Winter lettuce selections include hardy varieties that grow easily throughout the cold months here. Direct sow lettuce seeds from mid-August to mid-September. Beyond those dates, you can sow seeds indoors in seedling trays ...

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History Mystery #92: The Case of Gabby’s Place

Image of the wooden sign that used to be in front of Gabby's Place.

Prepared by Dan Carrion, Historian, E. Clampus Vitas Grub Gulch 41-49 Chapter While driving on Highway 41 about three miles above Coarsegold Village, there is a curve in the highway with turnouts on either side of the road. On the north side of the road, there is a flat spot about a half-acre in size, nestled in front of a ...

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How Art Shapes Our Lives: Thomas Hill

Image of Yosemite Valley.

By Sal Maccarone Artists have been rendering their surroundings ever since they began to walk the earth. For instance, primitive cave paintings and pre-historic petroglyphs bear witness to the way things were. Landscape paintings are the only record that we have about where, and how these ancient groups lived. Bodies of water, forests, mountains, valleys, animals and people are just ...

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Minarets Students Publish First Novel: By The Light of Elune

by Solon Walker, student journalist for Minarets Press By the Light of Elune is a fantasy novel co-authored by senior Johanna Ziegler and Minarets graduate Joseph Langley. It follows the story of a party of explorers employed by the ruling Imperium, each of whom is running from something in their pasts. They have been sent out the chart the southern ...

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Tips From a Minarets Media Kid: How to Make Your Webcam Look Better

by Ryan Abner, student journalist with Minarets Press It’s only human nature to want to look our best, but sometimes it can be difficult to look nice on video calls. Webcams aren’t exactly flattering, but why is this? Phone cameras have almost reached a professional level, and yet when we sign in for our Webex or Zoom meetings, the camera ...

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How Art Shapes Our Lives: The Gilded Age Mansions

Image of a Rhode Island mansion known as The Breakers.

By Sal Maccarone During the years following 1870 America was beginning to enjoy a bustling industrial economy. As with some of the phenomena of today’s world, a few remarkable individuals became very wealthy during this short lived era. This time period is now referred to as “The Gilded Age”, a name first coined through the title of a book which ...

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Battling the Flames: Minarets Staff Fighting Fires

by Adam Saldivar, student journalist with Minarets Press The fires burning up and down California have not only affected some Minarets students but staff members as well. In these difficult times when almost everyone in the Minarets community is affected by smoke and flames, Minarets staff members are helping out to fight back against the fires in various ways such ...

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History Mystery #91: The Case of the Cold-Blooded Cavalry

Image of old west wagon wheels.

Article submitted by Lynn Northrop, Raymond Museum This letter (see below) was sent to me by ex-Raymondites Bob and Trina Quinn via a friend of theirs. We are hoping someone knows this Ducker name in our area and may have a family history or story about what happened to the cavalry soldiers that perpetrated this crime. In Raymond’s history we ...

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