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Student-Athlete Earns Prestigious Fulbright Research Award

Image of Sydney Fox of Fresno State.

By Selene Kinder, Fresno State FRESNO STATE — Sydney Fox has made a competition out of taking her education as far as she can. An avid runner since childhood, her analysis concludes that talent only gets you so far — it’s hard work and dedication that get you to the next level. Fox’ ultimate goal is to attend medical school ...

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History Mystery #109: Mystery Mail Bags

Image of a very old letter and envelope.

Submitted by Lynn Northrup, Raymond Museum. These are mail bags from the River Route found by a museum supporter and donated. We have so many questions about these bags. What years were they used and when and why did they cease? Who were the local mail carriers and does anyone have any other bags from the different routes? Are there ...

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Over the Garden Fence: Monarchs & Milkweeds

Image of a monarch butterfly in a person's hand.

By Ron Allen, UC Master Gardener, Mariposa County Have you seen a monarch butterfly in the last few years? Probably not. Or, not many at least. Despite the name of our county, we do not see too many of these big, beautiful, orange and black butterflies which we remember from our youth in the Mariposa area. Their population in western ...

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Over the Garden Fence: Spring Seed Starting

Image of seedlings in a greenhouse.

By Bob Labozetta (UC Master Gardener, Mariposa) Starting plants from seeds can save you money, give you the option of trying interesting varieties, and bring you closer to Mother Nature’s methods of propagation. Different seeds have different germination rates, so refer to seed catalog or seed packet directions to determine when and how to start your seeds. Visit http://cemariposa.ucanr.edu/Master_Gardener/ for ...

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How Art Shapes Our Lives: Patient Tranquility

Image of the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco.

By Sal Maccarone Building a wooden structure without the use of nails, screws, fasteners or adhesive is not by any means a typical approach. It is time, patience and specific knowledge that can make such a thing possible. Wayo (or Japanese style) wooden architecture reflects the sensitivity, environment, and the “affection for gentle spaces” prevalent in early Japan. The Wayo ...

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History Mystery #108: The North Fork Recreation Center

Image of a lake.

NORTH FORK — The North Fork Boosters owns and operates the North Fork Recreation Center, hosting community events and renting out to community organizations and private parties. Among the many events held at this venue is the Summer Youth Program that has been running for over 60 years. The Summer Youth Program is Monday-Friday from noon to 5 p.m. during ...

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How Art Shapes Our Lives: The St. Louis Gateway Arch

By Sal Maccarone The first time that I became aware of the Gateway Arch was from the air. On my way to give a woodworking seminar in St. Louis, Missouri, the plane was in a final descent. We banked for the downwind leg, and there it was just below. A magnificent stainless steel sculpture that was reflecting the Mississippi River, ...

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Over the Garden Fence: What Vegetables Should I Grow?

Image of a large table of vegetables.

By UC Master Gardeners of Mariposa County Beginner vegetable gardeners are often stymied about what vegetables to grow in their gardens. The general rule of thumb is to pick easy-to-grow varieties that you enjoy eating. California has a unique Mediterranean climate that is suitable for growing many types of vegetables throughout the year. In cooler northern climates, most crops are ...

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How Art Shapes Our Lives: The Royal Hawaiian Hotel

Image of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

By Sal Maccarone History would prove that 1927 was a great year for the opening of hotels! While the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park was being built, another future icon was also breaking ground some 2500 miles to the west. Thanks to the Matson Ship Lines, who had just started providing steamer travel from California to Honolulu, there would ...

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Westfall Drops From Supervisor Race, Endorses Toro

A message from Richard Westfall. Hi Friends, I recently pulled papers to run for Mariposa County District 3 Supervisor. Unfortunately, due to a few health issues and many commitments I have decided not to run for office at this time. As you know, I am descended from several of Mariposa County and California’s founding families. I have a strong connection ...

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