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History Mystery #85: Raymond Lumber Flume

Antique picture of truck driving under water flume.

By Don Grove We have had several folks visiting the Raymond Museum lately that have been interested in the lumber flumes in our area. This photograph is labeled “Lumber Flume on Madera Road to Yosemite.” We would love to know exactly where this flume crossed the road and exactly which road it is — and if anyone still has pieces ...

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Pet of the Week: Lola the Fluffy Dog

Picture of Pet of the Week Lola the Dog.

Hey there, I still need a home!!!!! Where have you been???? I’m Lola, a 9-year-old fluffy ball of sweetness. Remember me? My dad passed away and my canine brothers and I need homes. Can you believe nobody has come to meet me? I really am the girl of your dreams… Please call 559-683-1266.

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History Mystery #84: North Fork Lumber Mill Teepee Burner

Picture of a North Fork Lumber Mill teepee burner

By Don Grove This is a photograph of the teepee burner at the North Fork lumber mill. Sawdust and scraps of wood from the milling process were burned in the teepee burner. In the June 1951 newsletter of the Associated Lumber & Box Company sawmill — The American Eagle — the teepee burner and mill pond were operational. On what ...

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Pet of the Week: Lola the Lover Dog

Picture of Lola the Lover Dog

Hello, I’m Lola the Lover Dog! I have sadly lost the love of my life, my human dad. Now I need a new human to love. As a senior girl, I don’t ask for a lot….just a place in your heart! Please call 559-683-1266 to make a date with me!

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How to Use Mulches for Undercover Gardening

Picture of a wheelbarrow with mulch in it

By Brian David, UC Master Gardener, Mariposa California’s winter rains patter on fallen leaves and brown grasses above soils crawling with sub-terrestrial animals. Natural mulch feeds a crescendo of green emerging to meet the sky. Mulching is a cycle of plants and trees laying down their old lives to produce the earth’s new life. When we spread organic matter over ...

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Pet of the Week: Gladys the Dog

Hi, I’ll bet you have never met anyone as cute as me! It could be my heritage. Humans might say McNabb-Border Collie-Queensland! For this 11-week old girl, that is a mouth-full! I already know a crate is my safe place, I love other dogs and cats, and I adore toys! I have been told I am really smart and I ...

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History Mystery #83 – Do You Recognize This House?

Picture of an unknown house.

By Karen Morris (with thanks to Don Grove) This building has been home to many families since its service as a way station. Our records begin with the McGinity family. They lived here beginning in 1904. We are not sure how long they stayed. The Hanningan Family moved in about 1942 and stayed until 1947. Hazel Kennedy and her family ...

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Pet of the Week: Tuffy

I am Tuffy and I am sure you are looking for an adorable kitty like me. I am kind of a teenager now and I would like to find my forever human. Hello, are you my new human? Needless to say, I am sweet, a lot of fun, busy, and adorable……(Oh, I guess I already said that!). So if you ...

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Mariposa Master Gardeners Offering Free ‘Pruning Fruit Trees’ Workshop

MARIPOSA — The Mariposa Master Gardeners are offering a free “Pruning Fruit Trees” workshop on Saturday, Feb. 8 from 10 a.m. to noon in La Grange. Maxwell Norton, Emeritus, Fruit and Nut Adviser for the UC Cooperative Extension, will be discussing types of pruning cuts, pruning tools and demonstrating when and how to prune nut trees, fruit trees, vines and ...

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Pet of the Week: Gracie

MADERA COUNTY MOUNTAIN COMMUNITIES – Hello, I’m Gracie. I really miss my Mom. I sat in her lap every day and slept on her bed every night. They say she passed away. I will be happy again when I find a new Mom. If that is you, please call 559-683-1266 PS …I like Dad’s too!

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