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"Adventure with a Twist" is the goal of Noma Resort

Noma Resort: Hidden Oasis on Yosemite’s Doorstep – Part 1

NORTH FORK—Most people who have visited the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway enjoy its peace, unlike the national park to the north.  Likely they consider it an island of tranquility in the midst of a busy world. Noma Resort strives to be part of that serenity.

A Partnership of Brothers

Ryen (left) and Nick Leyva present information about Noma Resort at Sierra Vista Scenic Byway Annual Meeting.

That’s how the three Leyva brothers (of six total) who partner in the project—Nick, 34, Ryen, 29 and Brandon, 27—view what they call Noma Resort. All three are actively involved and passionate about their plans. They are the former owners of a successful software company which they sold prior to initiating Noma Resorts.

At the annual meeting of the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway Association, Nick and Ryen introduced Noma Resort to the attendees. They proved themselves to be engaging and articulate as well as passionate about their project and its future.

A Search for the Perfect Setting

The brothers explored some 30 properties from near Yosemite to Mariposa. They searched for the perfect setting for a wellness/retreat/hotel/resort, finally settling on the historic apple ranch that sits up the Byway near the U. S. Forest Service Clearwater Fire Station and Jesse Ross Cabin

What’s in a Name?

Nick says they took the name “Noma” from the word “nomad.”  

They wanted to play with the nomadic idea of traveling to a specific destination with a specific purpose. “In modern English nomads are sometimes looked at as pointless wanderers. We wanted to avoid that. We opted instead to to drop the ’d’ in favor of Noma to hopefully invoke the idea that our guests are those who are traveling in search of something of great value.”  

What might that valuable something be? Nick continues,

“We believe our guests seek something we term a ‘transformational experience of belonging.’ We live in a world where there are many fun and exciting places to visit. While our guests will enjoy luxurious lodging and the tranquil ambiance of 134 acres nestled into the stunning privacy of the Sierra National Forest, Noma is not just another neat place to add to the bucket-list.”

Adventure with a Twist

Noma intends to use the dual nature of both “adventure” and “wellness” to create what they term ‘transformational experiences of belonging’ for guests.

On the adventure side of  the resort, guests can access a variety of activities that are wildly fun and challenging. These include a cleverly-designed three-story aerial adventure park that allows participants to climb, balance and zip. They’ll use real teamwork to navigate invigorating obstacles nestled amongst the treetops, a modern archery range to build hand-eye coordination. They also plan a social axe-throwing range, canoeing, fishing, bike riding, hiking, and more!  

These adventure-focused activities all come with a twist. They have been intentionally designed to help guests work (or learn to work) together as a tight unit, to need to communicate, to rely on one another, and to build what we believe are components that are essential to a successful life. These include trust, communication, and a love that can outlast the difficulties that life throws at each of us.

The Wellness Vision Came from Parents’ Health Challenges

The brothers came to the vision of the resort after having to face and deal with the severe health challenges of their parents. They wanted a place where others could recover from the traumas and stresses they experienced, based on Scandinavian models of wellness and recovery. The vision is nowhere near complete, but the Leyvas steadfastly work toward the outcome they desire.

Three Phases Plus One

Noma’s grand vision includes three phases in total. They claim  to be currently in “phase zero, ” the “proof of concept,” or “minimum viable product phase.” 

During this pre-phase they currently offer lodging opportunities, and Noma Resort is also available for weddings.

In Part Two of this story, coming next Friday, March 22, we’ll describe in a bit more detail what the individual phases entail, as well as what Noma sees for the future.

Contact Information

Noma Resort is located at 65501 Mammoth Pool Road, North Fork. To obtain more information about Noma Resorts, contact them at 559-632-0642, or view their website. They are on Facebook and Instagram.

Photos courtesy of Noma Resort.

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