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The History Mystery #82 – Do You Recognize These Women?

Picture of two women from the Mono tribe

NORTH FORK — This photo is courtesy of Rose Davis-Cobb, board member of the Sierra Mono Museum & Cultural Center, and features two Mono women who are extras in the movie “Deer Slayer.” Can anyone provide information on where the filming took place in the area of North Fork, Madera County? What were the names of other local extras? What ...

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‘Christmas Past’ Celebrated at Fresno Flats

OAKHURST – The Spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future made special guest appearances at Fresno Flats Historic Village and Park Sunday — along with a number of other traditional holiday favorites. Cool, rainy weather couldn’t put a damper on the popular community celebration as volunteers and attendees enjoyed the day’s festivities — which included holiday-themed demonstrations, craft-making and a ...

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The History Mystery #81

Picture of old lumber mill

Article submitted by Don Grove This photograph of a lumber mill was in the collection of Jesse Love, which is housed in the archive library of the Sierra Historical Sites Association. He was a long-time resident of the area, and once worked at the Sugar Pine lumber mill. He noted on the photo that this was not Sugar Pine, but ...

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History Mystery #80: Narbo

Map of Narbo, CA

By Don Grove In the late 1800s, Narbo was a mining town located on Quartz Mountain. As the stories go, it was created by a French company, with a French orphanage as one of their biggest investors. Some stories say that the town had fine homes and a mansion residence for the company president. Others say that there was one ...

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The History Mystery #79

Mystery object: What is it?

This month we have two questions for our History Mystery viewers. The first picture is an item found in their yard by one of the young visitors to the Raymond Museum. It is about 4 1/2 inches long. We had blacksmiths, railroad workers, stone carvers, etc. in Raymond so we have had many guesses but not sure exactly what this ...

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The North Fork History Group Presents History Mystery #77

Bunch of blue question marks.

The North Fork History Group heard a story about a young local girl in the 1950’s that regularly swam at a public swimming pool (possibly in the Bass Lake Annex). One day her mother gave her a nickel to buy goodies. The girl decided to put it in her mouth to keep it safe until she got to the pool. ...

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The History Mystery #76

The Sierra Mono Museum has this photo of what appears to be a specialized trailer or boat. Can anyone tell us the function of this and the era when used? Are there other people in the area that have one or have seen one? Thank you, Christina McDonald Sierra Mono Museum Follow-up to The History Mystery #75 — Minarets the ...

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The History Mystery #75

Minarets – The Town Minarets, or Media as it was also known, was located near the intersection of Road 400 and Road 406. In the mid 1890s, as Madera County was being carved out of Fresno County, Minarets was considered as a candidate for county seat. Some mountain folks didn’t like the idea of having to travel all the way ...

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The History Mystery #74

This photograph is a Tungsten Mine operation somewhere in Madera County taken in August of 1954. Tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal and was used in incandescent light bulbs and over 15,000 products during WWII. It makes any alloy much stronger and is credited with helping the USA to victory in WWII. Where was this particular mine ...

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The History Mystery #72

The Coarsegold Historical Society is looking for any information on the named area BROWLEY that is in the middle of the map below. Any information on who this family was, or any further details would be appreciated. Please leave your comments here or our Facebook page, or leave a message at 559-642-4448. Submitted by Karen Morris Coarsegold Historical Society Followup ...

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