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Do any of you have any information on the Grub Gulch Band? Read on to learn more about this cornet used in the band!

History Mystery #123 Grub Gulch Band

In 2021 Grub Gulch 41-49 E. Clampus Vitus restored an antique Cornet for the Madera County Museum. The Cornet is a J. W. Pepper brand manufactured in 1890 and was owned and played by a gentleman named Walter Mills. Mills was a superintendent of the Gambetta Mine in Grub Gulch and it is said that he organized the Grub Gulch Band. Does anyone know when the band was organized, how many members did it have and who they were? Does anyone have any photographs of that band? We would appreciate any information that we can provide to the Museum to display with that grand old Cornet.

–Submitted by Steve Varner, Grub Gulch 41-49 ECV

Follow-Up on History Mystery #122

Thanks to those who commented.

Terri Lynn Gray “My first thought was phonograph also. They used to be on wax cylinders.”

Tom Arfsten also called the Edison Cylinder Player.

Cindy Greenwood  “That is an Edison Phonograph from the early 1900’s.”

Lynn Breshears “I agree that it looks like an Edison phonograph. I’m display chair at a local history center and have found Google Lens to be extremely helpful. It identified this odd contraption as a sock knitting machine. At least then you have a start to your research!”

Sue Stryker-Printing press

Diana Polly-Some kind of printing or copy machine early 1900’s is my guess.

Glenn Frank-My guess is it is a cylindrical phonograph ?

BeckyandBill Brown-Thomas Edison 1896-1906 portable Home Phonograph..

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