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Please find below an open letter from Madera County Assessor Brett Frazier regarding a correction to a recent Instagram post.

An Open Letter From Madera County Assessor Brett Frazier

Submitted by Madera County Assessor Brett Frazier

Subject: Correction of Caption Regarding Madera County Assessor Fee Schedule

I am writing in response to an inaccurate caption that accompanied a recent Instagram post regarding the Madera County Assessor fee schedule. I would like to address the error and provide clarification on an important point related to this fee.

Image of Brett Frazier.

County Assessor Brett Frazier.

The caption in question incorrectly stated that the proposed update of the Madera County Assessor fee schedule, specifically the property characteristic fee, would be borne by homeowners, farmers, businesses, and residents of Madera County. It is crucial to note that this fee is not directly paid by any of these individuals or entities. Instead, it is a fee paid by third-party vendors who provide services and sell data related to property assessments within Madera County.

The property characteristic fee serves as a source of funding for the Madera County Assessor’s Office, enabling them to carry out accurate and efficient property assessments and maintaining this data. By updating this fee, the office can invest in modern assessment technologies, hire skilled personnel, and provide enhanced customer service to property owners.

It is important for the community to understand that this proposed increase in the property characteristic fee from $250 to $1250 would not directly impact homeowners, farmers, businesses, or residents of Madera County. Rather, it is a measure aimed at ensuring the financial stability and effectiveness of the Assessor’s Office, benefiting the entire county.

Every year roughly 5-10 data companies purchase our publicly accessible property tax roll with property characteristics. Last year for example, 7 companies paid for this data file at the current $250 fee; we had a net total revenue of $1,750. If the same 7 companies paid for this next year the total revenue would be $8750. In year 5 the total revenue would be $17,500.

I also have included our three surrounding county’s fee schedule showing the market rates for property characteristics data (See below). Fresno County $0.05 per parcel @ 302,792 parcels is $15,139.60. Merced County is $5,000 annually. Stanislaus County is $15,500 (3 year contract).

By providing this clarification, I hope to dispel any misconceptions surrounding the proposed fee update. It is crucial for accurate information to be disseminated to the public, allowing them to form informed opinions and engage in meaningful discussions on matters that affect our community.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I am available to provide any additional information or clarification that may be required.

Yours sincerely,

Brett Frazier


Fee Schedule – Merced County (PDF)

Fee Schedule – Fresno County (PDF)

Fee Schedule – Stanislaus County (PDF)

Property Characteristic Fee Board Letter for July 11 Meeting

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