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Rooted owner Rose Morgan sees a vision become reality

Rooted—A Vision Becomes Reality

COARSEGOLD—There’s a new kid coming to town in Coarsegold Historic Village.

Rose Morgan, Owner of Rooted Farmers Collective

Owner Rose Morgan has scheduled the grand opening of Rooted The Farmers Market Collective for Friday, March 1, 2024. This fulfills a dream she says she’s had for many years. She’s always wished for a local collective of farmers and crafters who provide traditionally-created foods and products in a year-round venue.

Back to Basics

So, in a way, Rooted goes back to basics with a new vision and embodies Rose’s idea of “slowing down.” She says, “After my second year of doing pop-up markets in the mountain area, my second pregnancy and second daughter, I was ready for a way to slow down. Opening a business probably isn’t the first thing you think when you think ‘slow down.’”  She decided to see if she could generate interest among vendors she knew and sent out an email to every one she could think of. She didn’t expect any response. To her surprise, she received many excited replies.

At this point, she has twenty “inside” members who will exhibit their wares on a relatively permanent basis year-round. She also has multiple “pop-up” vendors who plan to participate in outdoor events on a spur-of-the-moment basis. All inside vendors are small business owners who are certified with their county to sell as Certified Producers, Cottage Food Operators, and Home Occupation Craft Vendors. Rose says, “These vendor members create high quality and nourishing items that promote traditional skills and down-home self-reliance.”

Products Offered

A few of the products offered by  Rooted inside vendors include fresh microgreens and produce, vegetable starts, lavender products, home-crafted sourdough bread, castile soap and olive oil skincare, flour-sack hand-painted towels, handcrafted pottery and brooms and much more.

All vendors are local, based within two hours of Coarsegold. Some come from Reedley, Dinuba, Clovis, Fresno, Ahwahnee, Oakhurst and Auberry, but many are right in the Coarsegold area. At present there is no requirement for vendors to staff the market, but that is subject to change down the road.

Local and Traditional

Rose herself is a local Coarsegold girl and a graduate of Minarets High School. She calls herself (1) a grateful believer in Jesus (2) a mom to two beautiful daughters (3) a wife (4) a farmer who believes in cherishing traditional skills and self-sufficiency. She lives where she was born, on her grandpa’s 90-acre olive farm called “Bluebird Trail Farm.” Her grandpa sold organic extra-virgin olive oil that he harvested and pressed on-site. He passed in 2019, and they have found it tough to fill his shoes.

“But, I found in my own way, I could carry on at least one part of his legacy,” Rose affirms, “of making pure Castile soap. So, in 2022 I started the Crooked Olive, my Castille Soap and Olive Oil Skincare business. I make these products by hand with traditional techniques, using simple and natural ingredients that are organic and sustainable, including extra virgin olive oil, organic essential oils, organic herbs, organic beeswax and raw honey.”

As to what won’t be sold, Rose refuses anything that doesn’t uphold traditional skills and methods. All items offered at Rooted must be produced by small businesses that promote and share a skill that helps our community get back to the basic of simple living, including gardening, farming, preserving and crafting with traditional techniques and materials. 

Limited Vendor Spaces Still Available

Although spaces for inside vendors are almost at capacity, limited spots remain available. Rose would love to see more produce vendors. She requests that interested Certified Producers contact her by phone at 559-760-3848 or email at rose@rootedfarmersmarket.com. She also has information and application forms available on her website. Check out Rooted’s Facebook page, as well.

Weekly Pop-Up Market on Fridays

Rooted plans to offer outdoor pop-up events on Fridays beginning March 1, and multiple spaces remain available for these. 

Rooted is located in Coarsegold Historic Village, at the intersection of Highway 41 and Road 415, 35340 Highway 41. Hours will be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday 10 am to 4 pm. Friday hours are 10 am to 6 pm, and Sunday 12 noon to 4 pm, closed on Tuesdays. The weekly outdoor pop-up market operates on Fridays from 10 am to 1 pm, with hours subject to change.


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