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Cody Brown Receives MCSO Award

Cody Brown receives MCSO Citizen Award from Lt. Ian Weaver

OAKHURST—On January 9, 2024, Cody Bulow Brown, 19 years old, received the Madera County Sheriff’s Citizen Award from the Madera County Sheriff’s Office. MCSO granted the plaque for services he and his company, CB Hauling, rendered during the major snowstorm Madera County experienced in March 2023. Lt. Ian Weaver handed the award to him at the Sunrise Rotary Club meeting on that date.

Efforts During Snowstorm

During the March 2023 snowstorm—the likes of which locals of 30 years and more had never experienced—many homes lacked electricity, food and propane. Residents couldn’t get their vehicles out from under mounds of snow. Roofs and awnings began to collapse, particularly on mobile homes  never designed to withstand the snow load.  When the situation became an emergency for many, Cody, along with others, stepped up to the plate. Through his business, he and his crew delivered fuel, food and propane to people who were unable to exit their homes. They also taxied people from homes with no heat or power to local hotels.

On February 28, 2023, Cody posted to his Facebook page that four days into the storm he had delivered hundreds of gallons of gasoline, taxied people to hotels and attempted a rescue at Rock Creek campground, above Mammoth Pools and planned to continue his rescue efforts the following day.

And that was just the beginning.

Cody wasn’t alone in his help to the community, but he may have been one of the youngest.

A collapsed awning from the heavy snow.

Started Business as a High School Sophomore

He certainly is one of the youngest business owners in the mountain area. He developed his trade as a sophomore in high school at age 16. When COVID hit in 2020, he didn’t want to sit at home. He started doing weed eating to earn money and noticed that many people had junk piles on their property. He had a truck and trailer and seized the opportunity to use them for junk removal. Advertising his business on Facebook in the mountain communities got him clients and helped him grow it to what it’s become.

At 19, Cody has graduated from Yosemite High School and continues to successfully pursue his business. He offers junk removal along with moving and demolition. He’s prepared to lend a hand (and equipment) in the event of another emergency situation.

Cody Brown with his mom and mentor, Karina Bulow.

Asked if he had mentors, Cody replied, “I wouldn’t say I have one specific mentor. Many business owners in town have helped me grow and taught me lots. My Mom is a loan officer at Yosemite Mortgage in Oakhurst. She has always encouraged me to set goals and plans, and she supported my idea of being a business owner. She would always bring me to meetings with Realtors, and that has helped connect me with multiple realtors and other business owners in the community.

Community Service Important to Cody

CB Hauling has become a career for Cody. Now that he’s out of school, he plans to continue to grow CB Hauling. An important part of that goal for him is to help his community as needed. He prides himself on returning inquiries as soon as possible and showing up to jobsites on time or early.

CB Hauling’s service area is mainly Oakhurst, but he extends to other mountain communities as necessary, including Fish Camp, Mariposa and Auberry.

Cody can be contacted by telephone at (559)267-3232, by email at cbhauling12@gmail.com.

Photos courtesy of Cody Brown.

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