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The path up Shuteye Mountain, part of the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway

Scenic Byway Meeting Coming Up

NORTH FORK—The Sierra Vista Scenic Byway Association holds its annual general meeting on Tuesday, February 13, 2024. The meeting takes place at the Scout Building in North Fork at 6:00 pm. The Scout Building sits next to North Fork Town Hall at 32996 Road 228, and the public is invited to participate.

Massive rock formations dot the SVSB.

US Forest Service Updates

Sierra National Forest District Ranger Dan Tune will present updates on what the U S Forest Service has accomplished in the wake of the Creek Fire and the harsh winter of 2023. He’ll discuss the clearing of hazard trees and repair of roads severely damaged during the winter.

Noma Resort

In addition, Nick Leyva of Noma Resorts will be on hand to discuss progress on that entity. Noma Resorts is the newest lodging facility on the Byway.

The new Sierra Vista Scenic Byway sign on Highway 41

Due to storm damage the Byway remained closed for most of the 2023 summer, but it will reopen this year. During the closure, the Byway Association has worked with the Forest Service to reinterpret signage along the Byway. The signage required replacement as a result of three devastating fires in the past 12 years. The faded sign on Highway 41 pointing to the Byway has also been replaced.

In addition, byway personnel intend to share details for popular summer tours along with other news about the Byway.

Join the Association

If you’re not a Byway Association member, you should be. As an incentive, the Association offers tee shirt raffles for new member signups at the meeting. Membership fees to the 501(c)3 organization are quite reasonable. They go toward supporting the non-profit’s work.

Membership Donation Types:
Student Membership: $5/year
Individual Membership: $10/year
Family Membership: $15/year
Non-Profit Business Organization: $50/year
Business: $100/year

At the meeting, snacks and coffee will be available for attendees.

Sierra Vista Scenic Byway is one of the great hidden treasures of the Sierra Nevada and a super alternative to Yosemite during the summer months. When the national park isn’t an option because of crowds or lack of reservations, head to the Byway.

Come to the meeting and learn more about this resource and how you can support it.

For More Information

The Scenic Byway’s website contains up-to-date information about conditions along the route, as well as other important Byway particulars .

For meeting information, please contact  Doug Waltner at dwaltner@netptc.net

Photos courtesy of the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway.


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