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Worshop To Ignite Life Purpose And Passion

NORTH FORK – Long-time North Fork resident Rikk Hansen has decades of experience helping people take the next step on their lifework path.

This weekend, Hansen will hold a free workshop at the North Fork Studio, on Sunday, June 15, designed to “Reignite Lifework Purpose and Passion.”

Facilitated by 28-year career coach Hansen, the afternoon event is expected to be valuable for anyone seeking a new job, considering a career change, or wanting more fulfillment in their work.

“Imagine feeling on-track and hopeful again, with a clear sense of what you can do to live a passionate life that fully taps into your gifts, and is more fulfilling than ever,” says the program leader and Brilliant NEXT founder, Hansen. You’ll leave this short interactive workshop with a powerful map that charts a clear way forward to your passionate next chapter.”

Hansen promises that participants will learn the “New Fire Map,” a guide to discover the next fulfilling work path. The workshop will impart an “affirming new perspective on how to move forward, even when you’re not clear what you want next.”

Rikk Hansen - North Fork - Facebook 2014

Navigating the uncertain time “Between Dreams” is also a subject of discussion, including the pursuit of a compelling new dream when one needs it. Hansen hopes to help people feel positive and upbeat about the future.

He suggests that those wishing to attend the workshop might include someone who is “successful, but you find yourself unexpectedly knowing what you don’t want and not knowing yet what you do want.”

Also joining may be a person who is employed but still questioning their life-direction while looking for more meaningful work, as well as someone unemployed and ready for a new direction in work that’s more than a “job.”

The workshop will also be useful for people preparing for retirement or newly retired and anyone in going through transition in key areas of life. Okay! That covers just about everybody.

Donations will be accepted at the “pay-what-you-can” fundraiser to benefit the Studio. The workshop runs from 1 – 3 p.m. Guests are asked to bring snacks to share with the group.

For more information contact North Fork Studio

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  1. Having taken one of Rikk’s workshops in the past, I highly recommend this one! It is great for anyone going through or contemplating a life/work change!

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