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Uplifting Lip Dub: Minarets Single-Take On Positivity

​O’NEALS — Every year Minarets High School participates in a school-wide Lip Dub.

What is a Lip Dub, you might ask? It combines lip syncing and audio dubbing to make a music video, done in a single unedited shot throughout multiple buildings and locations. It’s been a Minarets tradition since 2012 as a way to bring the entire campus together, build an even stronger sense of community, and showcase our clubs, sports, and organizations.

Prior to filming of this year’s Lip Dub, I went around and asked students and teachers what they thought makes for a great Lip Dub:

  • (Scott): Quality props​
  • (Logan): Great casting
  • (Magnum): Knows all the songs
  • (Makayla): People are excited
  • (Mr. Ortiz): Atmosphere, Clubs, Good songs.
  • (Lindsay): Good songs
  • (Francine):Passion, Unity
  • (Rebecca): Good choreography
  • (Jaimin): Good weather
  • (Fallon):Good framing, don’t make talent walk backwards
  • (Mason): Cool activities
  • (Bobby): Not using overplayed song
  • (Mr. Wilson): Well planned route, Crowd control.

But we did something different this year. Instead of organizing the students by clubs and sports, we decided to organize by third periods to ensure that all students were included and involved, increase participation, and minimize confusion. This also gave students and staff more creative freedom as well as more time to practice.

We also decided to dedicate our Lip Dub to positivity and uplifting the community/world, specifically #upliftMinarets and #beathate.

As described by Mr. Wilson and Mr. Ortiz, “each period was responsible for picking a theme and making signs that display positive messages about peace, love, working together, greater good, and school safety.”

To further show our positive message, we ended the video with a peace sign made up of all the students and staff.

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Jordan Tuttle is a student at Minarets

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