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Minarets Cross Country Comes Up Just Short at Finish Line

Image of two people running at sunset.

By Conor Kelly, student journalist for Minarets Press The Minarets Boys Cross Country team came up just short of their season-long goal on Wednesday, Dec. 10. After dominating the West Sequoia League all season and being ranked number one in the D5 Valley Section behind top runners Hunter Cornett and Kalé Simmons, the team traveled to Woodward Park in Clovis ...

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Minarets’ Speech and Debate Team in Major Competition

Image of a lightbulb.

Article by Matisen DeBenedetto, student journalist for Minarets Press Video by Abigail Campbell, student journalist for Minarets Press After weeks of preparation, the Minarets’ speech and debate team’s second in-person tournament took place at Mountain House High School, on Saturday, Nov. 6. Leaving the school at 4 a.m., the early morning jitters were common throughout the whole team. Junior Devon ...

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Minarets’ Community Welcomes Officer Michael Lewis

Image of the Minarets sign.

By Acacia Edeluchel, student journalist for Minarets Press This year, Minarets is excited to have another addition to the Minarets community. Michael Lewis, a deputy sheriff with the Madera County Sheriff’s Office, will be on campus every day this year serving to help keep Minarets a safe and uplifting environment. Officer Lewis explains what he will be up to while on ...

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A Student’s Perspective on COVID-19 and the Human Condition

Image of a man sitting alone on a beach.

By David Perez, student journalist for Minarets Press While it isn’t the most likely of connections to be made, there is a measurable correlation between COVID-19 and mental health. On the surface level, it may seem ridiculous, but if you analyze the course of events that led to where we are now, it’s not. Being isolated, having virtually nothing to ...

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Minarets’ Students React to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Image of syringes.

By Janine Alven, student journalist for Minarets Press At Minarets, there is a wide variety of students so it’s only right for these students to have a variety of opinions on what is affecting them. Recently, the COVID-19 vaccine mandate has caused controversies among the students; some are for the vaccine mandate and others are against the mandate, while there ...

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Minarets CSF Hosts 10th Annual Blood Drive

Image of students in front of a blood drive van.

By Hazel Taintor, student journalist for Minarets Press Minarets’ California Scholarship Federation (CSF) will be hosting Minarets’ 10th annual blood drive through the Central California Blood Center on Nov. 18 in the gym from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Donating blood is extremely important to hospitals as blood transfusions are required for surgeries and other operations. Every two seconds, someone ...

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The Effects of Social Media

Image of a young man on his cell phone.

By Stevi Valenzuela, student journalist for Minarets Press Social media has been a big problem ever since its beginning. More recently, it has more or less taken over the lives of teenagers all over the globe. Apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Twitter, and Discord have ruled young minds for some time now. We need to talk about it. Over time, ...

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Paige Camacho, a Rising Star in Agriscience

Image of Paige Camacho.

By Cassidy Gibbs, student journalist for Minarets Press Paige Camacho was the 2021 winner of Division 3 Power, Structural, and Technical Systems in Agriscience in California. She also made it to the top 10 in the nation. Her project included testing the effects of UVA and UVB on the skin and what damage it could cause over long periods of ...

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Night Of Riches: Senior Scholarship Awards Total $135,650

By Casper Nelson — O’NEALS — As the countdown continued toward graduation, Minarets seniors were graciously awarded $135,650 in scholarships during Senior Scholarship Night last month. 36 recipients earned scholarships from organizations in our local community. It was night filled with glee as each senior was awarded and recognized for hard work over their high school career by receiving financial ...

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Students See ‘Government Is Made Of Real People’

By Lauren Childers — O’NEALS — Our very own State Assemblyman Frank Bigelow took a day off from his job at the State Capitol in Sacramento recently to visit Minarets High School’s class of 2019 seniors and give them advice as they advance following graduation. The purpose of the Assemblyman’s visit was to inform the senior class about how government ...

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