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Update On The North Fork Cell Tower

NORTH FORK – An update has come in from Verizon Wireless concerning the cell tower at Cascadel Woods just above North Fork.

While we were told on July 26 that the tower was still being “dialed in,” Verizon has corrected that information, and we are now being told that the cell site “was placed into service on July 25 with voice and 3G data service.

“We plan to upgrade the site with 4G LTE data service before the end of the year.”

So it appears that whatever service you’re getting now is the service you’ll have going forward, and there is no waiting for improvements in signal strength as things are “tweaked.” The tower was officially online on July 25.

Verizon goes on to say that “the new site provides capacity off-load for Verizon Wireless’ Goat Mountain cell site and will improve coverage to the community of North Fork.”

So perhaps those in outlying areas will not see the major improvement in service they had hoped for, as the main focus of the upgrade is the town of North Fork itself.

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