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Calling all Eastern Madera County artists and businesses WE NEED YOU!

Art Banner Project Aims to Beautify Local Communities

What makes us fall in love with a place?

In truth, it could be many factors:

  • Friendly people
  • Vital businesses
  • Mouthwatering restaurants
  • Inviting shops
  • Local entertainment

Here in the mountain area of Madera County, we have them all plus more.

North Fork welcomes locals and visitors with a specially-designed art banner

One of the most intriguing features of a community often consists of its art on display. We are touched by its presence both in galleries and public spaces. All of these things come alive in our Eastern Madera County communities, with events such as Sierra Art Trails, Artober in Oakhurst, Yosemite Renaissance and so much more.

Art  Banners New Beautification Tool

Add to that a new entry: Art Banners, a project to draw residents and tourists alike into our local businesses, sponsored by the Eastern Madera County Foundation (EMCF). It also aims to enhance the beauty of our communities for those visiting the area or lucky enough to live here.

The Eastern Madera County Foundation mission targets uniting the mountain communities of Eastern Madera County—to enhance community programs and infrastructure, preserve historical and cultural assets, and support commerce for the betterment of the communities and tourism. 

EMCF Beautification Planning Committee

The EMCF Beautification Planning Committee launches the inaugural Art Banner Project this May, forming a partnership between local businesses and our vibrant artist community. The banners bring a pedestrian and drive-by art experience to residents and visitors alike. 

Banners Unite Communities, Businesses and Artists

Example of Encinitas Art Banner

The two-sided banners consist of a welcome message on one side, specific to each participating community—Oakhurst, Bass Lake, Coarsegold and North Fork. The reverse features a beautiful original painting by one of our many local artists, showing what each love about living in our beautiful region. Banners will be on display from May through October, or rather Artober, as the month is known in Oakhurst.

The cities of Livermore and Encinitas have successfully utilized this concept to call attention to their business communities as well as enhancing the beauty of their streets.

Chair of the Art Banner Project Rachael Sims Snedecor says of her involvement with the Livermore event:

“In my previous work in Livermore California’s Downtown Revitalization and Redevelopment Organization, we launched the banner project with our local artists and businesses to provide a sense of community pride and focus to the commercial and cultural arts district.  This became an annual event and assisted in launching further art and business collaborations in the community.  I am so excited to have found the enthusiasm and support to bring this to our mountain communities.”

Call for Artists and Sponsors

Where does the money come from? The banners are sponsored by our local businesses. They say, “It takes a village,” and our villages are working together to bring this beautification piece to our communities.

Sign Up Now

It’s not too late to sign up as either a sponsor or an artist. The Business Sponsor Fee is $250 with media exposure on the EMCF website as well as social platforms. Artists provide their talent and receive a $50 stipend toward their paint/product needs. Obtain full details for artists and business sponsors

EMCF and the community will sing entries’ praises from the mountain tops . . . or actually, through the website, linking all participating businesses and artists. Printed and online maps will be available for easy location of each of the banners.

What Happens to the Banners after Artober?

Encinitas Banners. Photo from the Encinitas Advocate, Sept. 9, 2022

An auction will be held in November at a fun community gathering and “after-party” for Artober. At that time, these pieces of art can become a part of your home, garden or business office.


If you have any questions, email Rachael Sims Snedecor at rachael@rootsupcollective.com.


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