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Spring Tradition

When the Glacier Point road opens we head for the Panorama Trail to Nevada Fall or Ostrander Lake. I settled down with a lunch and novel at 4.2 miles to wait while my hiking buddies covered 6 miles and went to Nevada Fall. And if my physical therapists Joy and Suzi are reading this, I didn’t carry a heavy pack, twist, bend over or jump off logs. Honest. And I stretched afterward.



It looked like we were going to cross a lot of snow
Spring always means lots of crawling over or around downed trees.

Debra Sutherland standing under a giant

Ilillouette Falls

Ilillouette Creek was raging

Mt Hoffman. Hard to believe we were up there in January of this year.
Clouds are starting to move in

Just another world class view. I never get tired of it after 60 years of seeing this panorama since the age of 16

Springtradition9 Ring around Half Dome


Can’t resist one final Half Dome shot

The Haggen-Daas reward at the end of the trail.

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  1. Love your pictures. Those Mt. Hoffman pictures are stunning!

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