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The Gardens of Alcatraz

Cold, grey, foggy, grim, yes, but thanks to volunteer gardeners, Alcatraz Island is awash in color. Pat and I braved the Highway 101 traffic and toured the island. If you like flowers, this is the time to go. On Wednesday afternoons there are docents in the Officers’ Row gardens who are happy to talk to you.

Officers’ Row is where there used to be three large homes. When the homes were destroyed 1941 their foundations were converted into gardens tended by fan ivies and inmates. After the prison was disbanded the gardens went to ruin. In 2006 staff and volunteers began replanting the flowers.

Gardens Of Alcatraz 2

There was no soil on the island, so it had to be shipped over from the mainland

Gardens Of Alcatraz 3

A visitor in 1895 wrote that the gardens were blooming with gladiolas, heliotropes (shown here), poppies, geraniums, fuchsias and calla lilies.

Gardens Of Alcatraz 4

Geraniums, or maybe pelargonium?

Gardens Of Alcatraz 5

Fuchsias abound:

Gardens Of Alcatraz 6


Gardens Of Alcatraz 7

Color coordinated

Pt.2-Gardens Of Alcatraz 1

Pt.2-Gardens Of Alcatraz 2

Pt.2-Gardens Of Alcatraz 3

Pt.2-Gardens Of Alcatraz 4

Pt.2-Gardens Of Alcatraz 5

Pt.2-Gardens Of Alcatraz 6


Pt.2-Gardens Of Alcatraz 7

The rock

Pt.3-Gardens Of Alcatraz 1

A reconstructed cell, only 5 feet wide

Pt.3-Gardens Of Alcatraz 2

Pt.3-Gardens Of Alcatraz 3

Lots of snowy egrets nesting, and night crowned herons (no photo though)

Pt.3-Gardens Of Alcatraz 4

Pt.3-Gardens Of Alcatraz 5

and Brandt’s cormorants

Pt.3-Gardens Of Alcatraz 6

And the strangest birds of all, the narcissistic SELFIE BIRDS, all over the island

Pt.3-Gardens Of Alcatraz 7

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