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Sierra Buttes

Back from several days of hiking in the Lakes Basin/Sierra Buttes area, scouting out hikes for an upcoming hiking club three nighter. Lots of nice lakes at about the 7000′ level, rocky hard-on-old-ankles trails and few hikers. I much prefer the high Sierra over this sub alpine terrain, but it’s still nice. I wouldn’t have minded some cooler temperatures, though.

Lower Sardine Lake, Sierra Buttes in the background:

The same scene closer up. There’s a trail to the summit which I would like to do some day. You can barely see a tower up there in this shot:

Sierra Buttes 2

Salmon Lake with Sierra Buttes in the background:

Sierra Buttes 3

Sierra Buttes 4

Deer Lake, one of dozens within hiking distance, and few people around:

Sierra Buttes 5

My hiking buddy Jim, in his 80’s. He built his own boat in the Philippines, sailed it to Hawaii, and lived on it 17 years. Every year he wins (in his age group) a rough water swim race in Hawaii, and maintains their web site. He hikes mostly cross country and vague trails. We split up and did different hikes so we could check out more possibilities.

Sierra Buttes 6

Face to face, I run into this guy!

Sierra Buttes 7

He’s half akita and half German shepherd. Beautiful dog, no?

Sierra Buttes 8

Round Lake

Sierra Buttes 9

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