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North Fork Lions Build New Sidewalks At Town Hall

NORTH FORK – A hard-working contingent from the North Fork Lions Club was out bright and early on Wednesday, Nov. 14, pouring concrete for a new sidewalk at the North Fork Town Hall.

The walkway runs from the front door of the Town Hall to the stairs that lead to the upper parking lot.“It was another great job by the North Fork Lions Club,” said Ken Goodwin, immediate past president of the Lions. “We’ve got a good bunch of guys; they really get out there and hustle to get things done.”

Town Hall new porch area

The group had poured the concrete for the entryway and sidewalk along the front of the building the previous Wednesday. It was perfect timing to provide a nice new walkway for the 200+ people who attended services for Avis Punkin on Friday.

Jon Norby on the backhoe and Tim Allen

Tim Allen and Danny Tift shuttled the cement mixers back and forth from Goodwin Lumber, and Jon Norby ran the backhoe, which was donated for the job by Goodwin’s.

Town Hall Pour dumping concrete into frame

Gene Harvey, Jim Beldon, John Thomas, Jack Brooks, Dan Morris and Don Vasconcellos also braved the perfect weather to wield shovel, rake and two-by-four, sculpting the concrete into perfection.

The property is owned by the Chawanakee School District, and the building itself is owned and managed by the North Fork Boosters. The Lions Club approached both the school and the Boosters to offer their help in replacing the long-deteriorated walkway.

The new sidewalks are a major improvement to the Town Hall, said Goodwin, and the Lions completed the project for about $1,600.

“Just another one of our community projects,” said Jon Norby. “This is what the Lions Club does. We’re always looking for new projects to better our communities.”

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