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New Thermal Imaging Camera For NFVFD

NORTH FORK – Though the new North Fork Volunteer Fire Station #11 is up and running after years of hard work and fundraising, the NFVFD Auxiliary continues the task of ensuring local firefighters have everything they need to do the job.

This week the Auxiliary took delivery of an Argus Mi-TIC Thermal Imaging Camera, replacing a unit that is nearly 15 years old.

The new camera features cutting-edge technology and gives firefighters the ability to see fire inside walls, floors and ceiling voids; locate victims of an accident in the fog, the dark, and in Search & Rescue operations; identify casualties through dense smoke and water, and assess the effectiveness of cooling efforts on an active fire.

The camera also makes it easier for firefighters to identify the source and spread of a fire, and prevent further fire hazards by examining containers storing hazardous or flammable materials.

“The best thing about this camera is that it gives you the actual image, not just the temperature,” says Jere Miller, 30-year veteran of the North Fork Volunteer Fire Department. “You can see the actual outline of a person, and you don’t have to tear something up to see if there’s fire inside.”

Miller says the firefighters at Station #11 have used their old unit at least five times in the last couple months, and that this is a much-needed upgrade and a valuable addition to their arsenal of firefighting and rescue tools.

The $7,500 camera is just the latest expenditure the Auxiliary has made to provide their firefighters with essential equipment not paid for by the County or Cal Fire. They contributed over $100,000 to the building of the new station, and continue to raise funds to meet the needs of first responders in North Fork and the surrounding areas.

The Auxiliary has also approved the expenditure of $2,000 for a computer, printer and projector for work and training at the station.

Anyone who would like to join the Auxiliary, participate in their projects or donate to the cause is encouraged to call Barb or Sandy at 559-877-7796 or email

For reflective house number signs, please use this contact information to order one for your address, or click here to print out an order form. First responders can’t help you if they can’t find you!

Be sure to mark your calendar for Saturday, Apr. 26, for the hugely popular North Fork Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary BBQ, held at the North Fork School. Along with the BBQ lunch, there are dozens of raffle prizes to be won, and desserts by the Women’s Club.

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