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Minarets Press: Suicide Awareness Week

It’s time to discuss a very serious topic: Suicide. It goes without saying that there are many stressful things we go through in life and it can be especially hard for teenagers in high school. With all of life’s difficulties, everyone goes through low points in their lives, even if it’s not the same for each and every person. Stress, anxiety, and depression can leave individuals feeling alone and helpless, but it’s important to remember that you are never alone and Minarets took a huge step this year by dedicating an entire week to Suicide Awareness and Prevention.

The week was carefully planned and organized by Mrs. Claudia vanDenBergh and Mrs. Jessica Chacon, the Minarets counselors. The activities ranged from morning assemblies, classroom discussions, videos discussing #stay and #Iwasmadefor, visits from guest speakers, Dance Club’s performance to Logic’s song 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid, and reflecting on what you were made for.

The culmination of the entire week was the the debut of the Minarets-made video titled ‘I Was Made For’, which was produced by senior Max Shapiro and edited by junior Josiah Freeland under the advisement of Mr. Juan Ortiz, the Media teacher. It showcases the Minarets staff and students and what they were made for.

Even though the week is coming to an end, the lessons of the week will continue on:

“I learned that the people around you are always willing to help you through tough times and don’t be afraid to talk to someone when you feel low.” – sophomore Brock Flynn

“The biggest lesson I have learned this week is to be grateful and kind to those around me.” – sophomore Lexi Corkins

“The biggest lesson I learned was that everyone is important and we are all here for a reason.” – freshman Elliott Mercer

“The biggest lesson for me was that I’m made for something and that I’m loved. Its so important to know that they are made for something amazing. Everyone can make a difference. There are plenty of people around who love us and are willing to help us make that difference.” – junior Olivia Kaczmarek

“Everybody has a purpose but sometimes it is not always in front of you when you want it to be.” – junior Greta Ziegler

Life is a valuable thing and there will always be hope in every situation. Remember that there is always a reason to live whether its your dreams, passions, your friends, your family there will always be something there for you.

Original article can be found here on Minarets Press.

Minarets High School and Charter High School

Katherine Renn is a Minarets student.


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