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The question this month is: "What was your favorite History Mystery? And why?" Please share your thoughts of this series.

History Mystery #125

Submitted by Don Grove, North Fork History Group

I am retiring as coordinator of the History Mystery series after 11 years. It has been a great joy to work on this project, but for personal reasons, I am unable continue.

I want to thank our partners (Raymond Museum, Coarsegold Museum, Fresno Flats Historical Society, Sierra Mono Museum and E Clampus Vitus) because we could not have made the History Mystery series a success without them.

And I thank you – our faithful readers – for all your comments that have helped us to learn more about the various histories. This has given us more information to share with our communities.

So to conclude the History Mystery – The question this month is:

What was your favorite History Mystery? And why? Please share your thoughts of this series.

At this point, anyone can go to SierraNewsOnline.com, click on the search box at the top right of the page, type in: History Mystery. That will take you to the most recent HM. You can click on the latest, or instead, you can scroll down all the way to History Mystery #1 published Jan 2013 and read the comments that are all the way down to the bottom of each page.

If someone volunteers to coordinate the History Mystery, we will see about resuming the series on Sierra News Online.

Thank you so much for your help and friendship,

Don Grove & the North Fork History Group

Follow up from HISTORY MYSTERY #124

The following comments are from the Sierra News Online Facebook page:

Top fan Sharon Darnell “I believe the granite at Sierra High came from Raymond. The students did too! Raymond is a neat little town to visit. Go for lunch.”

Vicki Iness “Sharon Darnell I believe you’re right! Weren’t you a school teacher?”

Sharon Darnell “Vicki Iness “1968 to 2001😊”

Vicki Iness Sharon Darnell “You were my teacher! 1974-1978, can’t remember if it was art or PE class 🤦‍♀️ That’s great!”

Sharon Darnell “Vicki Iness i would have been your counselor. I was doing that then! O’Reilly was PE and another lady whose name escapes me! Unfortunately I don’t have artistic ability!”

Vicki Iness “Sharon Darnell oh okay 👍 at 63 I just can’t remember. Thank you!”

Emily Kratzer “Sharon Darnell Shirley Davis and Mrs. O’Reilly – who swam in the Olympics! Good to see your comments! I had you for Social Studies the year you had your vocal surgery. Kind thoughts to you from this Class of 1972 grad.”

Top fan Sharon Darne “Emily Kratzer whoa! You remember that. Yes Shirley Davis. Those were great days for SHS.”

Vicki Iness recommended trying here.


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  1. Don Grove
    I have two favorite History Mysteries. One was when we asked people to tell their memories of the Mammoth Orange. This received more comments than any other Mystery. Another Mystery that received a high number of comments was when we found a bottle with a very large bottle neck on both the top and the bottom. Only one neck had a cap on it. So what was it? A rolling pin that allowed putting hot, or cold water in the rolling pin. That helped to reduce the amount of dough that would stick to the pin and other sticky matters.. One of the comments said she “had never heard of such a thing, but I REALLY WANT ONE!”

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