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The History Mystery #1 – January 2013

In 1920, John Hughes was the trail crew supervisor for the Sierra National Forest. He collected photographs and created a photographic album that was donated in 1983 to the (then) Minarets Ranger District of the Sierra National Forest by his daughter Avis Hughes Harper, then living in Fresno, California.

This photograph may be near O’Neals, but the exact location – the hills in the background, the ranch house, barn and outhouses – has not been able to be determined.

Look at the picture below and help solve the History Mystery that stumped the experts!

The number you see in the margin on the right side is the Historic Photograph Catalogue number assigned to this image in the present US Forest Service records system.

(Click photo to enlarge)

If you know something about this photograph that will help the North Fork History Group learn more about our local history, please write us a short email message at The location of this scene, the names of the owner of the ranch house and other structures, a living relative of the owner, or someone you know who is more familiar with the scene are all good leads to help us solve.…the History Mystery for January 2013!

In our next episode of The History Mystery, we’ll tell you what we learned about this photograph.


  1. I look forward to a future History Mystery!

  2. O’Neals area is my guess, look at the tree line, it’s bull pine and white oak. Maybe Church Ranch or Walker Ranch.

  3. mercer rd off rd 200 barn

    Travis sammons lives there now

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