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Driving In Corsica

Driving in Corsica was an adventure, with one lane cliffside roads, seldom with barriers and never shoulders. I was driving so didn’t get many pics.

Notice that the bus goes to the LEFT lane before it can even see around the corner:

Driving in Corsica2

Normally you back up for the buses and trucks and even cars, but this guy decided to squeeze through on the wrong side of the road.

Again, if the bus goes to the left to go around a corner, some drivers, like the last one and these, sneak by on their own left. We were hiking on this road because there was no room for a trail. That got exciting, too.

Driving in Corsica3

Driving in Corsica4

Just to give you an idea of the scale, I think there are about 6 vehicles in this shot →

Driving in Corsica5
This isn’t Corsica, but our next stop in Provence. I squeezed my way out of the car and went around the wall on the left, to take this shot.
My passenger wasn’t pleased.
Driving in Corsica6
Nice car, but (1) too long, (2) too wide, (3) coupe door too big for getting out), (3) stick shift, against Pat’s sensible advice. 56 MPG, though.
Driving in Corsica7
Parking garages like dungeons for horse carts, almost impossible to negotiate, like this one in Dijon.
Trick: turn the mirrors halfway down to be able to see the sides of the car. That only works when there’s enough room to leave the mirrors out.
This was a spacious one.

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