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A Bit Of Russian Culture

Yesterday Pat and I had a great time at a harvest festival, at which we heard more Russian than English. Some of you will guess where it is. I’ll reveal it near the bottom.

There was some re-enactment, but this family and others just came for the festivities.

Russians 2

Russians 3

Same girl, huge eucalyptus:

Russians 4

All ages of Russians were there:

Russians 5

Most of the young ones were quite attractive:

Russians 6

Russians 7

Russians 8

Russians 9

Russians 10

Two groups of singers alternated in the chapel:

Russians 11

Saucy lass:

Russians 12

Russians 13

These young people are make piroshkis and singing Russian songs:

Russians 14

Russians 15

Russians 16

Russians 17

Russians 18

Doctor Zhivago, I presume:

Russians 19

Russians 20

Russians 21

Weaving baskets:

Russians 22

Lighting an old samovar:

Russians 23

Russians 24

There you have it, Fort Ross, colonized by otter hunters at the northernmost end of the Spanish California around 1812. The otters were hunted to extinction in 5 years but the Russians turned to shipbuilding and trading. We think most of those speaking Russian yesterday came to the Bay Area after the fall of communism.

Russians 25

Russians 26

Russians 27

Nice coastal scenery

Russians 28

Russians 29

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