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Your Vote Helps Fund Wild Wonderful Women

Last Chance to Cast Your Vote for Wild Wonderful Women

OAKHURST – You know about the Wild Wonderful King Vintage Museum, right? And you have a Facebook account? If the answer to both of those questions is “Yes!” then you have a chance to help WWW & Friends, Inc. become a designated recipient of the Chase Community Giving Grant.

The Wild Wonderful Women are founders and operators of some of Oakhurst’s greatest treasures: the Wild Wonderful King Vintage Museum, Wonderful Treasures Thrift Store and The Wild Wonderful Chocolate Festival (now part of the Annual Fall Festival).Founded to raise funds for community organizations, and with the intention of having fun while doing so, Wild Wonderful Women & Friends, Inc. first convened in 1999 and opened the museum in 2002. The group put an impressive historical feather in its vintage hat when they brought “Abraham Lincoln: Self Made in America” an exhibit honoring the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth to Oakhurst in 2010 and an exhibit on the “Ladies of Lincoln’s Era,” just last year.

Joanne Hoover is spearheading the Chase Giving campaign, and she has big plans.

“In the past, we have donated money to local organizations, and have given out two college scholarships each year,” she said. “With the economy the way it is, we have only been able to keep up with the college scholarships. With this grant we could return to helping support other local organizations.”

Joanne Hoover Hat DemoJoanne is pretty well connected, considering her husband ran for Honorary Mayor of Oakhurst. The museum was active during Steven Jacob’s campaign.

“I had so much fun putting on the type of programs a museum should be putting on … talks on the History of Women’s Undergarments and the History of Hats.”

Joanne had the best time doing a 100th Anniversary program for local Girl Scouts recreating a 1920s Millinery Merit Badge. “If I didn’t have to spend my time raising money, I could do more programs like that.”

Remember, part of the WWW’s core value is fun, and for more of that, the organization asks that you go on Facebook and search for ‘Wild Wonderful King Vintage Museum.” Then, ‘LIKE’ the page and you’ll get a link to vote.

Alternatively, Facebook users can vote using the Chase Community Giving Application at www.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving. You do not have to be a Chase Bank customer to vote on Facebook. Chase customers can vote for a second time at www.ChaseGiving.com.

You only have until midnight Wednesday, Sept. 19 to vote! The Wild Wonderful Women thanks you for your support and is currently seeking volunteers. If you’re looking for a fun way to connect with the community and you love clothes and “thrifting,” (hello, ladies) give the Museum a call at 559-658-6999.

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