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Your Blue Moon

EARTH – You know that phrase, “once in a blue moon,” that people say when something comes around infrequently?

Well, do whatever it is you’ve been putting off, because that blue moon — the second full moon in a single month — is happening on Friday, July  31 at 3:44 a.m. PST. That’s basically tonight, or tomorrow morning, depending on your perspective and what time you get to bed. The first full moon this month occured on July 2, known as a Buck Moon for the month of July.

Blue Moon by Mel Torme 1949

Go ahead and make this blue moon special, because the last time we had one was August 31, 2012. The moon isn’t really blue, in most cases, though a tiny bit of computer magic by photographer Virginia Lazar helped to make this particular image, above, alluringly azure.

Certain extreme atmospheric conditions can produce some lavendar or blue effects on the big beautiful orb in our sky. With all the smoke around the foothills due to the Willow Fire, it’s possible we may have some unexpected turns of color with tonight/tomorrow’s full moon.

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Source: Farmers’ Almanac

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