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You Can Now Get Your Campfire Permit Online

SIERRA NATIONAL FOREST – Did you know that not only can you obtain your campfire permit at any Forest Service Office, but you can also get a permit online?

Campfire Permits are required for open fires, such as campfire, barbecues and portable stoves on federally controlled lands and private lands that are the property of another person.

On private lands, written permission from the landowner is also required for campfire use.

With the weather warming, and the summer approaching, be sure to get your campfire permit before you head out to go camping and enjoy the outdoors.

Always follow these guidelines when enjoying a campfire:

  • Get your campfire permit
  • Check local fire restrictions
  • Clear a minimum of 10 feet around your fire
  • Have a responsible adult in attendance
  • Extinguish your fire with the “drown, stir and feel” method

Follow the link below to obtain your permit online, and have a safe wonderful visit to the Sierra National Forest.

Get your campfire permit online here.

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