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Yosemite: Hwy. 41 (Wawona Rd.) Closure Update

Wawona Road (continuation of Highway 41) from Yosemite West to South Entrance is open ONLY to the following:

-Residents of the community of Wawona (Section 35) as defined below
-Residents of the community of Yosemite West as defined below
-Contractors hired by residents of Wawona or Yosemite West who possess documentation showing that they have been retained to provide a service at a private residence within either one of those communities
-Utility providers and their subcontractors
-Delivery services to include, but not limited to, USPS, UPS, FedEx, and OnTrac
-Authorized employees as defined below
-Anyone who possesses written authorization from the Yosemite National Park Superintendent

Residents are defined as 1) employees who have been assigned a government or concessioner housing unit within Yosemite National Park by an organization that is authorized to do so and 2) owners or long-term (28 days or greater) renters of houses in Wawona or Yosemite West.

Authorized employees are individuals who are actively engaged in work directed by a supervisor or management official of the NPS, authorized NPS concessioner, or partner who have operations based in Wawona or Yosemite West.

Short term renters (less than 28 days) of private homes within Yosemite West are specifically prohibited from entering these closed areas and must access Yosemite West via Yosemite Valley.

Wawona Road between Yosemite West and Yosemite Valley is open.

Other closed roads:

-Badger Pass Road
-Big Oak Flat Road between Foresta and Big Oak Flat Entrance
-Hetch Hetchy Road
-Tioga Road and Glacier Point Road beyond Badger Pass

Call 209/372-0200 (then 1, 1) for updated road information.

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