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Winery-Sage: The Excellent Adventure Continues

The next day we took a train to Siena to see the sights.

We were a bit disappointed because we learned — with both Siena and Florence — that the cities are okay, they have a number of pretty spectacular churches, but the real things to see are the items in the museums and they take far longer than we had.

Sienna’s cathedral is very cool from the outside. It was the first time we saw what turned out to be a recurring theme in Tuscan and Umbrian churches, alternating black and white marble rows that make for a stunning effect.

Inside they were surprisingly plain.

After San Gimignano, Sienna was kind of a letdown though, because we didn’t allow time to see the artifacts in the museums.

We decided to take an earlier train back after buying wine, salami, cheese and tomatoes and enjoyed an early evening repast on our balcony. Danny had the adjoining room so we just grabbed an extra chair and made an evening out of the simple food and watching the sun set on the town.

Just the three of us sitting with some simple food and a bottle of wine was one of the best nights of the trip.

Arrghh… three week vacations come with their share of headaches and laundry is one of them.

Invariably, we ended up following people in tour lines who clearly felt that personal hygiene was a choice that they didn’t want to exercise. Rather than starting to recycle sweaty, stinky clothes and smelling like them, we took a couple of hours to do laundry to last us through the rest of the trip.

There was a young couple also doing laundry with one of the most jovial two-year-olds I’ve ever seen. Danny and she had a good time entertaining each other, which in turn entertained us. Afterwards, we had a great lunch.

We all loved our food but Danny won with a braised meat that was delicious although Karen’s spaghetti cooked in Chianti (not the sauce, the noodles) was really good too. It’s a little odd seeing bright purple noodles but based on the taste, I am definitely going to have to try that soon.

One of the café/bars that we ran into the first night served a really nice house wine that was made just a few kilometers away. so we went wine tasting to see how it’s done in Italy. We had a great time and if anyone is in the neighborhood, we’d strongly suggest visiting Fattoria San Donato.

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