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Wendy Denton’s Light And Time

OAKHURST — There’s an immense value to public art, and if you haven’t seen Wendy Denton’s exhibit at United Security Bank, the show is on the walls through March. Wendy is a member of Yosemite Western Artists, and the offering is entitled, “Light and Time.”

“Light and Time is a collection of works made in empty and abandoned places,” says the artist. “Most of the images are altered to convey the emotion and feelings I experienced in the spaces I photographed. Light refers to the process of photography, and time refers to the changing realities of these structures.”

Wendy learned photography in Germany in her early twenties.

“At first I was self-taught through books and a makeshift darkroom in my kitchen. I then used the darkroom in the Karlsruhe U.S. Army base. My love was black and white imagery, and my photographic activity was more or less my therapy.”

When she moved back to the United States, Wendy wound up in San Jose, attending De Anza College.

“Their photo department was then nationally known, and I am grateful for the quality instruction I received there, as well as the fellow students who were as alternative as I was and supported my less-than-mainstream interests.”

She worked at Custom Color Lab in Palo Alto as a master color printer, connecting there with other artists who were both “wackier and more skilled,” Wendy recounts.

“Over the last 30-plus years I have often used the camera as my conduit with the world, my way of connecting while remaining separate.”

United Security Bank is located at 40074 CA-49 in Oakhurst.


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