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Warning System Needs Your Cell Phone Number

Would you want to know if a wildfire or floodwaters were headed for your house? Even if you weren’t home?

How about if a mudslide had just taken out the road you use to get home from work? Or an escaped murderer had been spotted in the neighborhood? Would you appreciate getting a text message, email or phone call ASAP?

Well now, you can.

The Madera County Alert Emergency Warning System is already capable of issuing critical warnings about health or safety threats to county residents, but if you want to receive that warning on your cell phone, or via email or fax, you need to register those phone numbers or email addresses with the MCAEWS.

You can receive notifications by registering online. And the service is free, courtesy of the Madera County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services, in cooperation with the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians and participating municipalities around the county.

Your landline phone number is already in the Warning System’s database. But if you want to be reached by other means such as your cellular phone, work phone, email, fax, or via instant messaging, you must register that information. All contact information is kept strictly confidential.

How Does It Work?

The process begins when MC Alert sends out a message about a potential safety hazard or concern. If you do not confirm that you received the message, the system will continue trying to contact you until it receives a confirmation from you.

Visit to find out more, or to register your phone or email contact information. If you know someone who does not have computer access, please have them register by calling 559-675-7770.

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