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Vet Shares Common Myths About Heartworm

Meet “Buster” the Myth Buster from All Creatures Veterinary Hospital –


MYTH #1: Heartworm disease is not a problem year round.

FALSE! Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes, and those insects can survive in tree holes, indoors, in standing water, even where winters are cold.MYTH #2: Heartworm is not a problem for my dog since it is an indoor dog.

FALSE! Mosquitoes can and DO live indoors. And really, does your dog stay indoors ALL the time? It goes outside to potty, perhaps travels with you? It only takes one mosquito bite to transfer the disease to your dog.

MYTH #3: I can start Heartworm Preventive without a test.

ONLY PARTLY TRUE! You can start your dog on prevention without a test only if the puppy is less than 6 months old – otherwise, there are risks: A present infection may go undetected and untreated; the heartworm preventive medication may make your dog sick if he already has the infant form of heartworms circulating in his blood.

MYTH #4: Prevention is just too expensive.

FALSE! For a large dog, monthly prevention costs less than the cost of a fancy Starbuck’s Drink…….treatment for the disease is far more expensive and very hard on your pet.

MYTH #5: My dog can’t get Heartworm Disease since it is not around other dogs.

FALSE! Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes and even the coyotes carry the disease.

Why not be sure your dog is protected 12 months of the year against this very preventable disease. After all, it’s the best you can do for your best friend.

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Dr. Eileen Bissmeyer is the veterinarian at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital, 4953 Falcon Lane, in Mariposa. She will be sharing the facts about common myths concerning the care and health of creatures great and small on our Pets page. 209-966-3964

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