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Pet of the Week: Herman the Cat

Image of Herman the Cat

Hi there! Herman here! Have you heard what the rescue people are saying about all of the cats that were born because the vets were not allowed to perform spay and neuter surgeries when businesses were closed during COVID? Well, the powers that be may have not thought those surgeries were “essential” but I am here to tell you my ...

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Pet of the Week: Merida the Cat

Image of pet of the week, Merida the Cat.

Hello, I am Merida. I am about one year old now and when I was younger I had a minor injury. Because it was never treated, I need to be an indoor-only kitty. It is nothing that hurts me, or will require special care…and some people think my unique walk is kind of cute! When I first went to the EMCSPCA I had my ...

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4 Tips to Prepare a Pet-Friendly Fire Safety Plan

Image of a Jack Russell terrier.

After more than a year of nearly constant companionship, many pet parents are preparing to leave their pets at home while they transition back to the office. With more time away from home, it’s important for families to be prepared in the event of a fire. As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, a vast majority of pet owners (91%) said they ...

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Keeping Pets Safe in the Garden

Image of a puppy surrounded by yellow flowers.

Consider these hazards that can negatively impact the well-being of your furry friends. Poisonous Plants – Some common plants can be dangerous for animals, causing anything from mild oral irritations and upset stomachs to cardiovascular damage and even death. For example, these are some of the toxic plants the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has ...

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2021 Provides Bumper Crop of Kitties for the EMCSPCA

Image of a large group of cats.

A cat is a cat is a cat! No, not really….kittens and cats have unique personalities just like people. Some people think boy cats are more loving, others love their girls! Whatever your preference, 2021 has produced a bumper crop of wonderful kitties. The EMCSPCA has a kitty that is sure to be purr-fect for you. Follow the EMCSPCA Facebook ...

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Attract More Birds to Your Backyard: Basic Tips for Feeding Wild Birds

Image of a bird feeder with birds eating.

With all the constraints people lived through in 2020, many turned to their own backyards – nature, in particular – for hope, solace, wonder and even entertainment. Despite the worldwide crisis, nature’s normalcy remained intact; flowers continued to bloom, bees continued to pollinate and birds continued to fly and forage food. A University of Exeter study, focused on nature’s impact ...

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How Data is Driving Madera Animal Services to Help More Pets

Image of workers at the Madera Animal Services.

MADERA COUNTY, CA. – After thirty years of working at Madera Animal Services, Cindy Avila was promoted to director in July of 2020. Among her many goals was to make operations more efficient. She began to envision an online tool for animal control officers which highlighted which areas had the highest number of strays being picked up, loose dog calls ...

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Miller’s Landing Goes to the Dogs

When the world turns upside down overnight, the creative come up with new ways to thrive. Miller’s Landing, a Bass Lake institution since 1982, is known for its ability to roll with the punches. Once again it met the challenge and exceeded it. For several years Miller’s has offered the My*Tri kids’ triathlon, and much of the same great team ...

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Pet of the Week: Gunther the Cat

Image of Gunther the Cat.

Hi there, Gunther here! Are you looking for a super sweet guy? I am a big, loving ball of fur! I just need a lap and somebody to love me. I am a youngish guy who is past the kitten stuff but has a lot of years to share with you. Call the EMCSPCA at 559-683-1266 to learn more about me. ...

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Fresno Flats Historical Museum is stretching its wings, much like bees emerging from a honey-filled hive. In fact, next Saturday, June 12, Fresno Flats offers a lecture and q & a session on exactly that—as part of its series on homesteading. Conducted by local beekeeper, Doug Mendonca, the event takes place from 10 am to 12 noon at Fresno Flats ...

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