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Volunteer Opportunities Abound at Eastern Madera County SPCA

MOUNTAIN COMMUNITIES — Eastern Madera County SPCA needs you and your skills — whatever those may be. Since the organization’s founding in 1990, Eastern Madera County SPCA has worked tirelessly to fundraise and construct a no-kill shelter for Madera County animals. What once seemed like a dream and a far-off destination has inched closer to being a functioning facility. EMCSPCA ...

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A Holiday Message from the EMCSPCA

Image of a puppy in a Santa hat.

Dear Friends, During the holiday season, there is so much to be grateful for. As difficult as the last couple of years have been, the EMCSPCA is ending 2021 on a high note! We are grateful that we are completing the final construction phase of the EMCSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center. As you know, this has been a very ...

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Rabies Prevention: 5 Tips to Protect You and Your Dogs

Image of a dog.

MOUNTAIN COMMUNITIES — Around the world every year, an estimated 59,000 people die from rabies following a bite or scratch from an infected dog, according to the World Health Organization; almost half of them children under 15 years old. With preventive steps, including vaccination, you can protect your human and canine family members. In large areas of the world, rabies ...

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If You’re Tired of Fighting the Squirrels, Feed ‘Em!

Image of a squirrel.

MOUNTAIN COMMUNITIES — Countless backyards are battlegrounds between die-hard homeowners and squirrels fighting over bird feed. Squirrels need not be an inevitable element of bird feeding; even though keeping squirrels out of bird feeders is an age-old problem, there are ways to thwart these thieves.           One common tactic is stocking feeders with seed squirrels dislike, ...

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5 Tips to Safely Celebrate Halloween with Your Pets

Image of a child and dog dressed up for Halloween.

Whether heading to a party, celebrating on social media or greeting little ghouls and goblins at home, getting the entire family – including the four-legged family members – involved in the Halloween festivities can be the biggest treat of all. However, it’s important to take some precautions to avoid spooking your pets, particularly if you’ll be dressing them for the ...

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Pets of the Week: Kittens Ginger and Freddie

Image of kittens Freddy and Ginger.

Hi folks! Here we are…..the cutest kittens ever! We have been given the job of spreading happiness to Sierra News Online readers. We are 11 week old sisters….yes. sisters! It is true, 70% of “orange” kitties are boys, but guess what! We are both girls!! How special is that?         Besides being adorable, we like kids and dogs…..big people, too. We are spayed and vaccinated and ready for the perfect home. ...

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24th Annual Tarantula Celebration Takes Place in Coarsegold, Sat. Oct. 30

COARSEGOLD–For Diane Boland, founder and organizer of the 24th Annual Coarsegold Tarantula Awareness Festival, the event is a reparation of sorts. The hairy crawlers come out in droves to Coarsegold Historic Village—helped by their human friends—on Saturday, October 30 between 10:30 am to 5 pm. Diane moved to Coarsegold around 1979. Finding a tarantula in her driveway, she backed her ...

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Pet of the Week: Herman the Cat

Image of Herman the Cat

Hi there! Herman here! Have you heard what the rescue people are saying about all of the cats that were born because the vets were not allowed to perform spay and neuter surgeries when businesses were closed during COVID? Well, the powers that be may have not thought those surgeries were “essential” but I am here to tell you my ...

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Pet of the Week: Merida the Cat

Image of pet of the week, Merida the Cat.

Hello, I am Merida. I am about one year old now and when I was younger I had a minor injury. Because it was never treated, I need to be an indoor-only kitty. It is nothing that hurts me, or will require special care…and some people think my unique walk is kind of cute! When I first went to the EMCSPCA I had my ...

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4 Tips to Prepare a Pet-Friendly Fire Safety Plan

Image of a Jack Russell terrier.

After more than a year of nearly constant companionship, many pet parents are preparing to leave their pets at home while they transition back to the office. With more time away from home, it’s important for families to be prepared in the event of a fire. As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, a vast majority of pet owners (91%) said they ...

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