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Tree Climber Rescues Linus The Cat

MARIPOSA COUNTY – When Patrick called yesterday to tell us the story of his cat Linus, who had been stuck up a tree for over five days, we wanted to help and immediately posted the sad saga, hoping someone would be able to rescue the yellow Tabby from a very tall tree.

As soon as the story went up, Patrick’s phone started ringing off the hook with folks offering assistance and advice.

Everyone from arborists to tree climbers and rock climbers wanted to make sure this tale had a happy ending, and Patrick chose caller number one. Toni Southwood, whose husband Daryl has rescued many a cat from similar situations, offered their services and Daryl arrived at the scene of the climb at about 8:30 a.m. yesterday.

Top of the treeLinus was stuck up a very tall tree behind the Ponderosa Basin Chapel, and had been there since last Friday. Daryl strapped on his belt and climbing spurs, and after wrestling through the dense, dead branches near the ground, began making his way up the tree. Unfortunately, so did Linus. As Daryl climbed, Linus climbed higher, but at an estimated 150 feet, she finally came to him.

A cat carrier was pulled up into the tree, and Linus was safely lowered to the ground, as those gathered below held their collective breath. Within two hours of Daryl’s arrival, the wayward feline was returned to the arms of her owner and her two babies, Sabrina and Romeo.

Cat rescue 2015 hand off at base of treeLinus was fed and watered and snuggled into a warm heating pad where Romeo promptly gave her a “bath.”

Patrick says Linus is convalescing, and though she has lost a lot of weight, the prognosis is good. He is astounded and grateful for the outpouring from the community, and the assistance of neighbor Kevin, who is a retired firefighter and initially spotted the cat with his binoculars, and Kelly from the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office.

Toni Southwood says her husband didn’t charge for his assistance, as they hate seeing animals in distress and just wanted to help. However, they were presented with what Patrick calls a “large love donation” for their invaluable contribution to the saving of at least one of Linus’s nine lives.

LinusCat and kittens are resting comfortably, and Patrick is counting his blessings as part of “such a caring community.” He also promises to send photos later today, but just wanted everyone to know that Linus is safe and sound and back home with family.

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  1. What a scoop — good job!

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