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Timberline Gallery

Timberline Art Gallery’s Current Line-Up Of Artists

Timberline Art Gallery is an artists’ cooperative (the only one in the area!) located just 15 miles south of Yosemite National Park. We are located within Gallery Row in Oakhurst, California. All member artists spend a day in the Gallery once a month to speak with visitors and answer any questions about the wide range of art in the gallery.

Timberline Gallery is pleased to announce the current show will be up until the end of August and includes the work of the following:

  • Doug Boomer
  • Gretchen Lee
  • Norma Rogers
  • Laura Fisher
  • Anita Stoll
  • Jennifer Moss

Timberline Artists’ Biographies

Artwork by Doug Boomer.

Artwork by Doug Boomer.

Doug Boomer
Doug Boomer was born and raised in Madera County, California. During his youth he grew up on a farm in the San Joaquin Valley, spending summer vacations camping in the Sierra’s.

When he was about twelve years old he was inspired by an uncle who was painting portraits and various figures. He was also inspired by the many artists he saw at art shows during the 1970s and 1980s, including his two brothers. He and his wife Barbara have lived in Eastern Madera County since 1964.

His art represents an artistic journey that has been on-going for more than twenty-five years with help and guidance from many wonderful artists. He started studying formally with other artists during the 1990s. He has studied under many professional painters including Donald “Putt” Putman, Carlene Kostiw, Gary Langdon, Jerome Grimmer, and many others.

In his representational paintings, primarily in watercolors and acrylics, he tries to express the subject he’s painting in such a way that the viewer has an emotional response. Whether the subject is a figure, a flower, an animal, or a landscape, he wants to capture the spirit of the subject with light, color, mood, or motion. He is trying to express something that is intriguing about the subject. He is seeking to communicate a story that tells of something greater than the subject itself.

Recent Awards
Clovis Art Guild, 2015 Old West and Rodeo Show: “Gourds.” Best of Show – Water Color.
Clovis Art Guild, 2015 Old West and Rodeo Show: “Granary.” 1st place acrylic.
Yosemite Western Artists, Tri Co. 2016 Show: “The Monarch.” 2nd place acrylic.
Yosemite Western Artists, Tri Co. 2017 Show: “Tank House and Windmill.” 2nd place acrylic.
Madera Arts Council, 2018 Celebrate Ag Show: “Gourds” 1st place.

Mr. Boomer is a member of “Yosemite Western Artists,” “Madera County Arts Council,” and the “Clovis Art Guild.”

He has also been selected to participate in the “Sierra Art Trails” for several years.

Contact Info:
53312 Hidden Meadow Road
Oakhurst, CA 93644
E-mail: dboomer@sti.net
Phone: 559-642-3648
Cell: 559-760-2840

Artwork by Gretchen Lee.

Artwork by Gretchen Lee.

Gretchen Lee
Coarsegold artist Gretchen Lee depicts colorful and whimsical images on her home grown gourds. Flora and fauna of the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains that surround her home are her inspiration.

She feels that each gourd has its own special spirit that guides her as to what it shall become. Gretchen graduated from Fresno State University with a degree in fine art. She taught in the local schools and has received many awards in local art exhibitions.

Join us as Gretchen leads us through her creative process.


Artwork by Norma Rogers.

Artwork by Norma Rogers.

Norma Rogers
For many years I worked in bronze, aluminum, stone, wood and ceramics. After attending CSU Fresno, I was able to expand into glass and eventually into installations.

Recently, I have explored photography and digital art and find it relaxing to work at a computer.





Artwork by Laura Fisher.

Artwork by Laura Fisher.

Laura Fisher
Laura was born and raised in the conservative, agricultural, and family-oriented area of the Central San Joaquin Valley. She received a Bachelor of Science in Food Administration from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo. Currently, she is retired and lives with her husband in the Wishon/North Fork area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Laura’s first experiences with art were with a family of artists, both fine and domestic art. Her first love was, and remains, fabric. She has also practiced and studied watercolor. After an introduction to quilting from her daughter, she was hooked. There are only so many beds to cover with traditional quilts, so she quickly moved to wall quilts. As in fine art, she started by doing studies in fabric. Currently, her toolbox has plenty of techniques and ideas, many acquired by the “Oops” method or “Don’t ask me how I know.” As a child she interpreted her father’s instruction, “Don’ go anywhere,” to include the driveway on her new bike. She continues to push the boundaries with the phrase, ”What if…” She is now working with improvisational quilts.

Artwork by Anita Stoll.

Artwork by Anita Stoll.

Anita Stoll
I am a pastel artist who is inspired by nature. My paintings have won many awards and have been featured in art books and magazines. In the past few years of my thirty-year career I have been painting more abstractly, allowing the viewer more freedom to interpret what they see according to their own perspective and life experience. It is my hope that the viewer takes a pause from the everyday to reflect and enjoy the moment.

Artwork by Jennifer Moss.

Artwork by Jennifer Moss.

Jennifer Moss
Jennifer Moss enjoyed a career as a professional photographer in the L.A. fashion industry for over a decade, and now enjoys pursuing photography as an art. Her works include images of architecture, landscape, portraiture, and flora…with a digital twist.

You can view Jennifer’s portfolio at MossPhotoWorks.com.


Please come by and join us and celebrate the work of local artists.

We are open Monday – Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., except for major holidays.

40982 Highway 41 #6
Oakhurst,CA 93644 559-683-3345


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