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The History Mystery #73

This month’s History Mystery came to the North Fork History Group via an anonymous donation to the Grace Community Church Thrift Store.

A History Group member spotted the odd-shaped bottle pictured below and purchased it for the History Group.

The bottle is 14 inches high and 3 inches in diameter. The little knobs on top and bottom are 2 inches long and 1-3/4 inches diameter.

We would like to know why, where, when and by whom this type of bottle was created.

We appreciate any information you have on this subject. Scroll down to leave comments.

Submitted by Don Grove

North Fork History Group

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  1. History Mystery #73

    The descripition says the item is 14 inches tall. Could it also be described as 14 inches in length? I think so. I believe the item is a vintage glass rolling pin. One end has a screw on lid. The other end was ususlly corked or covered/pluged in some manner.

    • Dave B
      Thanks for your comment. A glass rolling pin? Interesting.
      This particular bottle has a bottle neck at the top, or at one end. The other end has a bottle neck, but there is no opening, so no need for a cap or cork. Do you know who would use such a rolling pin? What would be the purpose?

  2. I think this is a rolling pin and I have a similar ones that my grandmother used. You fill the inner part with ice and cold water to roll out pastry crust, keeping the butter or shortening from warming up. The purpose is to create the flakiest of crust or cookie.

  3. History 73

    If it is a rolling pin , my thought is they put ice water inside it, hence the screw cap.
    Kenny Thome

  4. I think the previous comments are right. Most Glass Rolling Pins are manufactured, not hand blown and are dated 1921-1941. Rolling-Rite glass rolling pins were popular. They had tin screw tops but some had cork tops. Price range $9.00 -$60 (approx. depending on buyer.) Information based on basic research.

  5. My mom had one of these rolling pins. Been a long time since I had seen this. Thanks for the fond memory.

  6. Liquor bottle missing it’s decorative silver base that matched its cap.

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