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The History Mystery #56

On the Jan. 15, 1939, Southern Pacific Railroad Schedule there is a stop between Knowles and Knowles Junction off the Raymond train called Hillside, not Hills Pride, like the bar in Knowles, Hillside.

In several references, including a 1934 Madera County map, Hillside is listed in an article about Alexander McGilvray, who ran the McGilvray Quarry until 1928 when the two quarries merged.

There is a mention of Hillside and the fact that there was a post office there.

In the railroad table, it is listed closer to Knowles than the Knowles/ Raymond Junction, and in other references it is closer to the junction. (Click to enlarge table).

Our Mystery is — where exactly was Hillside? Does anyone know about the post office there and why was it established?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Lynn Northrop

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Follow-up on History Mystery #55

We received no information about the Francis Junction. If anyone has information regarding the reason for this name, please send it to northforkhistorygroup@gmail.com.

Thank you.

Michael Olwyler

North Fork History Group

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  1. Lynn,
    In a 1983 interview of Alexander McGilvray (in the book “As We Were Told” put out by the Coarsegold Historical Society) he says”… the Hillside Quarry a mile south of the Knowles Quarry.” (page 184).

    Connie Popelish

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