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The History Mystery #55

Who was Francis? A Lumberjack Mystery

“Francis Junction” is on the Bass Lake Ranger District of the Sierra National Forest. But, who was Francis? And, how did that name get attached to that location? Help us solve this History Mystery!

Francis Junction was the location where the main line of the Sugar Pine Lumber Company railroad met Line #4, about 2.5 miles south of Central Camp.

Today, “Central Camp” is a private recreational residence area. In the 1920s and early 1930s, it was a busy place with hundreds of residents, workers, and lumberjacks.

In this photo, you’re looking south. If you drive north on road 6S54, you’ll reach the turn off into Central Camp.

Did “Francis” run the trains that carried lumber to the mill in Pinedale? Was it the daughter of the Central Camp manager? Or was “Francis” the mule that hauled logs to the train?

If you know, help us solve the mystery of Francis Junction by leaving us your information in the comments below, or write to us at northforkhistorygroup@gmail.com.

Submitted by Michael Olwyler, North Fork History Group

Follow-Up on History Mystery #54

We had a lot of great comments on the SNO Facebook page and another on SNO. We want to thank everyone for their comments. I will pass them on to the owner of the item. I’m sure they will be glad to get the information.

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Submitted by Karen Morris, Coarsegold Museum

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  1. #54 appears to me to be a dough tray. My grandmothers used them to knead flour for biscuits and/or breads.

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