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The History Mystery #54

Here are two pictures of an item the Coarsegold Museum would like identified. It is made from a single piece of wood maybe during the gold rush era.

We believe it to be from the Coarsegold area. It measures 26 1/2″ long, 14 1/2″ wide. It is 5 1/2″ high on one end, and 4 1/4″ high on the other end.

The legs are carved on the bottom. It looks like light oak wood.

Submitted by: Karen Morris, Coarsegold Museum


We received no responses to the History Mystery #53. Check out our History page for all the mysteries left to be solved!

The History Mystery #53



  1. Looks like some kind of separating bowl. Like for sifting seeds from chaff. The seeds or good parts would settle into the grooves in the bottom and allow the lighter waste materials to be pushed or blown out. Just a guess. Fun feature!

    • #54 appears to me to be a dough tray. My great- grandmother and grandmother used them to knead their flour for biscuits and/or bread. I have seen several different styles.

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