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The History Mystery #13

This month’s History Mystery features this barn. We obtained this picture of a barn located somewhere in Madera County while working on a Historical Preservation project with the Madera County Library. We are looking for the location of the barn, the name of the ranch where it was located, who built it, is it still standing or any other information to help us identify it.

Submitted by Karen Morris, Coarsegold Historic Museum, 31899 Highway 41, Coarsegold

(559)683-4448 or www.coarsegoldhistoricmuseum.org

Follow Up on last month’s History Mystery #12

We are sorry to report that no comments were received about the arrastra near Thornberry Road in Oakhurst. If anyone has any information about it please contact the Fresno Flats Museum.

HM 12 - Thornberry Arrastra in 1961 Jack Gyer photo

Thornberry Arrastra in 1961 – Jack Gyer photo

The participating History Organizations want to thank the mountain communities for the support we have received during the last year. In many cases we have had comments regarding the monthly History Mystery that have helped to solve the mysteries involved.

If you have a photo that has some mystery to it, and you think it would have a wide appeal to the community, feel free to contact your local organization. We are always open to finding new documents, artifacts, and photos of the mountain area, even if there is no mystery. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


  1. Is this the old Spinalli barn on 416?

  2. The old Spinalli barn was my first thought, too. I can’t remember if it has the rock foundation. If it is the Spinali barn, it was built by my Grandfather, Hans G. Hansen, his two boys, John and Carl and the Spinalli boys.

    If I think of it next time I go to Fresno, I will drive by and try to see the rocks on the south side of the barn. The road goes by the North side, so don’t know if that will work. Good Luck, EJA

  3. Hello from Midpines, CA. I saw the photo of the arratra and immediately wanted to see it personally to photograph it. Would you please tell me how to get to it?


    Sharon Giacomazzi


  4. We went over to the Spinelli barn this morning and compared the rock foundation and the walls, doors etc, and we are 99% sure that this is a picture of the Spinelli barn. Thanks for your comments. Karen Morris

  5. Jacob Pennington

    My great great grandfather Julius Hansen built it with his brother. My friends grandparents owned the property. I was lucky to be able to check it out! Glad you did an article on it.

  6. Jacob Pennington-Are you the grandson of Dale Pennington, Grandson of Julius Hansen? Julius Hansen was Hans G. Hansen’s brother, my grandfather. I did not know Julius helped Grandpa, my uncles and the Spinelli boys on the barn. Happy to find out it was the Spinelli barn. EJA

    • Hi just saw this today for the first time. Yes Dale is my grandfather. It sure is a great piece of history.. So we must be related… I don’t think I know you but I think you might be Evelyn? I’m not sure if that’s the right name or not.

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