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Teachers Dominate In Donkey Basketball

Donkey Basketball 2016 - Teachers dominate again - Minarets MediaBy Lizz Wiles

O’NEALS — On Thursday, Feb. 25, Minarets FFA hosted their second annual Donkey Basketball. This unique event consists of several Chawanakee Unified School District teachers riding donkeys while playing the classic game of basketball against students. The event raised funds for Minarets FFA.

Five members play on each team with one in the middle to pass the ball back and forth. One is only allowed to score while on a donkey and, for the sake of ease and fun, dribbling is not required.

Teachers were chosen to participate by volunteering and students were chosen by who sold the most tickets to the event.

Donkey Basketball action 4 2016 - introductions - Minarets MediaWith an ending score of 30 – 16, the teachers enjoyed a victory over the students by fourteen points, continuing their reign in Donkey Basketball. The staff of Chawanakee Unified School District remain proud of their victory in this fun event.

Teacher participants were Michael Vaughan, Ryan Hansen, Lani Owen, Mindy Mackey,  Katie Morgan, Kim Boatman, Russ Myhre, Shandon Allen, Darren Silvia, Ashley Bourdon, Jessica Fairbanks, and Perri Potigian.

Donkey Basketball action 2 2016 - introductions - Minarets MediaStudent participants included Aaron Hall, Alexis Lanfranco, Michael Resendez, Madison Buyer, David Broyles, Michael Warner, Zack Redman, Madison Pierson, Kaylene Nelson, Lindsay Ferguson, Lauren Martin, and alumni Chloe Ferguson and Amelia Giffen.


Donkey basketball will return next year with Minarets FFA hosting once again.

Lizz Wiles is a Minarets student enrolled in Digital Writing

Donkey Basketball action 1 2016 - introductions - Minarets Media

Donkey Basketball action 3 2016 - introductions - Minarets Media

Donkey Basketball 2016 - introductions - Minarets Media

Donkey Basketball 2016 - procession - Minarets Media

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