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Sundance Fire Suspected To Be Arson

OAKHURST – The Sundance Fire, that closed Road 420 and prompted the evacuation of dozens of homes in the area of Sundance Drive yesterday, is believed to have been started by two juveniles playing with spray cans and some form of ignition that torched off the surrounding vegetation, according to District Attorney David Linn.

Linn and investigator David Engstrom of the mountain area D.A.’s office, were at the 13-acre fire scene this morning, and Linn says while he doesn’t know that the fire was intentional, he called it “highly negligent.”

The fire started on Sunday, Sept. 13, at 3:35 p.m. somewhere between Sundance Drive and Snyder Road. Crews worked through the night and are still at it this morning, as wind gusts increased the danger to firefighters, with dead and scorched trees blowing over. Fallers are taking down dangerous trees, and firelines are being strengthened as much-needed rain falls across the fire area.

Linn says Cal Fire investigator Bernie Quinn will have his report to the D.A.’s office later today and Linn will decide at that time whether charges will be filed. He says Probation will be notified if the results of the investigation warrant, and charges in this type of case could be felonies.

Linn also says that if the person who grounded air resources by flying a drone over the fire yesterday, puts that footage up on the internet and his office is made aware of the identity of the operator, “We’re gonna nail him.”


  1. Unbelievable. Where are the parents?!

  2. Don’t even TELL me who these kids are or their parents’ names. I can NOT control my anger…… And aren’t we all glad David is our D.A.? Stay tough!!

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