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Student Seeks Help Replacing Stolen Laptop

By Lluvia Moreno, Minarets Correspondent

O’NEALS – We’ve all felt that moment of panic when we turn and realize something important is missing from its place, and the terrifying feeling when you’re not sure if you will see your belongings again. Unfortunately sometimes, those items are gone for good. On Thursday, Aug. 13, this nightmare became a reality at Minarets High School.

During the recent back-to-school registration, Minarets senior Dallin Mello was at the barn on campus weighing his pig for FFA when his laptop was stolen from his car. Not only was this an expensive piece of technology, but it also had over five thousand pictures, videos, messages, and information on it.

“When I first realized my laptop was stolen I was extremely unhappy, because someone had decided they wanted to take something I worked very hard for,” says Dallin. “Then, I was talking to my mom and came to the realization that I am so fortunate that this was the issue going on in my life and it could have been something so much worse.”

Dallin in front of his car - photo by Lluvia MorenoDallin is an active member of the Minarets community. Along with participating in the FFA and showing animals, he is co-creator of Adventure Club, and is currently Minarets’ Student Body President. Dallin has maintained a 4.0 GPA through all of high school and wants to attend UC Santa Barbara next year.

Having a laptop is very important for him. It will be used for everything from the photography business he is starting, to his schoolwork, both in high school and college.

On the day of the incident, the security camera footage was no help in finding the thief due to the area in which Dallin was parked.

“Sadly, where I was parked there was no surveillance and my insurance won’t cover anything that was taken from my car. We have tried tracking it through my email accounts, Facebook account, etcetera. We even contacted Apple and they basically said there is nothing they can do.”

There has been no information regarding where it is or who could have taken it. While still holding on to the hope of getting his laptop back, Dallin created a GoFundMe campaign to try and buy a replacement. So far, only a small portion of the goal amount has been raised.

Dallin currently has a job in addition to his committments at school, but pays for gas, his car insurance and other expenses, so it’s difficult to save up. He is reaching out to the community to donate whatever they can, and every cent is appreciated. If you would like to donate, or read Dallin’s personal message, go here.

“Although I have not reached my goal yet, the generosity and kind messages from people in my community have been amazing. You don’t realize how kind everyone is until you are in a time of need.”

Regardless of the fact that the incident occurred on school grounds, Dallin doesn’t want to lay the blame on anyone.

“Even though someone made the wrong decision on Minarets campus, my love and respect for this school has not changed at all. It is a place where students are allowed to learn in an innovative and unique way, and because of that I will always love this school.”

Click here to help Dallin replace his computer!

Lluvia Moreno is a Minarets student enrolled in Digital Writing


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