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Sitting Pretty In The Garden

Showing off quaint old chairs in the garden

Marie Niemann posted her quaint chair done up for the garden and it created a sensation on Flea Market Gardening! Here is her chair and 16 other chairs that our flea folk use in the garden as accents. Find a chair and do up your own!

Marie Neiman

Marie Niemann: This chair is one of my most favorite flea finds in my garden. I picked it up at a local thrift store last year. It was in three pieces out behind their building, perhaps destined for the trash. I immediately went in to see if I could buy it. Make us an offer! Three bucks! Sold! So a little sanding on the dowels, some wood glue plus an old enamel pan filled with happy annuals and I’ve got a beautiful garden chair to enjoy all summer long.

Ann Elias

Ann Elias:
I found another pic of one of my chairs…  I miss this chair. I need to find a metal, so it last longer.

Anne Marotti Nitkowski

Anne Nitkowski:
Grabbed an old rocker that was on the side of the road, spray painted it red, added the flowers and flags, and VOILA! The jug in the photo was found on the side of the road too.

Annie Grossart-Steen

Annie Grossart-Steen:
I love seeing everyone’s garden chairs….
I think the two go hand and hand and they are one of my favorite combinations in the garden or on a porch!

Jayne Locas

BlessMyBloomers/Jayne Locas:
This is one of my plant chairs… I hauled this one back to California from the East coast…since it is in sturdy condition (other than the missing seat) I usually keep it on the front porch with a basket of ferns… but I need a “welcome to the garden” this week so I brought it out to hold flowers…

Cheryl Van Horn's pretty in pink

Cheryl Van Horn:
Well this is one of a few garden chairs. Just like old chairs, old stuff period. The hens ‘n chicks in the boots were from my daughter. They love this sun and heat we’re getting. We had RAIN last night and we are so grateful today. It feels nice outside too.

Cheryl York's picnic perch

Cheryl York:
This is an old chair from my husbands grandparents, the tin picnic basket was from his parents. I have petunias growing in the tin. The purple are tall phlox. The lid was rusted so I folded it to use as a birdhouse roof.

Jeanie Merritt

Jeanie Merritt:
Nothing stays the same at my house from day to day…  Inside or out..  I may leave a few things in the same place, but I am constantly adding, taking away, substituting, or bringing something from storage out and taking something out… to storage…  Anyway… I play, I guess that’s what you could say. This geranium has been in this old kitchen chair on my patio most of the season.

Jeanne Sammons

Jeanne Sammons:
Door Arbor area …my good friend found me this chair 3 years and it’s still beautiful! The beautiful Hydrangea is blooming! (I’ve been hauling water to it!)

Julie Brown

Julie Brown:
This is from last summer. I found this adorable high chair at a flea market along with this Fiesta Bowl. I did not leave this outside for the weather to ruin. Mother Nature is a cruel lady to chairs. :)

La Petite Boutique

Jean from La Petite Boutique:
Sharing my garden chair. I love this look alongside my little orange orchard!

Nancy K. Meyer

Nancy K. Meyer:
My garden chair, first year using it –was just sitting in the garage, not sure where it came from. Asked and no one claimed it, so I took it, …the pan is from a friend who said she was tired of it!!!

Catharine Robertson-Lepage

Catharine Robertson-Lepage:
Herb garden on an old hand made chair.

Sue Langley

Sue Langley:
This is my Grandma’s ‘motel’ chair next to the old goat shed. I love the original green color. I need to jazz it up with flowers, I think!

Catharine Robertson-Lepage

Catharine Robertson-Lepage:
Anything can become a flowerpot!! I collect baskets and old furniture to use to display my annuals.

Stephie McCarthy

Stephie McCarthy:
Here’s the first project I tackled at Coral Belle Cottage. This wicker bench was part of a rickety, four-piece set I bought for just $15.00. My favorite tropical blues and greens made this an inviting spot for “Angel” cat. She claimed this space just minutes after I finished the cushion with a cabbage rose design by Waverly. Luckily, I still had room to photograph my squash blossoms.


Marie's chair dressed up for Autumn

Now, are you ready to seek out your own garden chair?  Save these ideas for future use!  ~~ Sue

For more great ideas for your flea market garden, visit http://www.fleamarketgardening.org/

Written by Sue Langley

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