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The Sewer Board Is Looking For A Few Good Men Or Women

Written by Dave Wolin –

OAKHURST – You probably don’t often consider all that happens when you flush your toilet or throw the dinner remains down the garbage disposal. Well, if you live in the part of Oakhurst connected to the sewer plant, a very complicated system of pipes, pumps and machinery eventually transports all that to our sewer plant, located off Victoria Lane.

Much like many facilities in rural communities, the sewer system – run as a special district by Madera County – is managed by a Board of Directors who do not live in the area, do not use the system and do not pay any of the costs of operation. To their credit they have appointed an advisory group of volunteers who meet monthly to discuss budgets, rates and sometimes more arcane matters.

And what we’re getting at is this – we need you. You are invited to join our elite corps of dedicated local citizens; some know a lot about sewers, some know a lot about budgets and finance, others are just doing their duty as citizens to participate and contribute to the community.

It doesn’t take a up much time; a one hour meeting once a month, but by being involved and sharing your time and talent with us, you can make a big difference in the way things are run. If you don’t think you have much say in the way government works, here’s your chance to be a decision maker.

Requirements – pretty straightforward – alive and living in Madera County. So don’t hesitate; step up and contact MD22A sewer board chairman Jim Watkins at 559.683.5757 or via e-mail at

For more information on MD22A, click here.

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