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Sconce Family Vies For Votes In Canon Project Imagination

OAKHURST – Local filmmaker Matt Sconce and his family are in the Top 15 for director Ron Howard’s “Canon Project Imagination,” after submitting a short film trailer called, “The Hunt.”

“We’re in the Finals and we need you,” says Matt. The video features the Sconce kids in super hero masks, quite naturally.

Now, it’s time to vote!

Matt directed the trailer with his wife, Heather, featuring their kids Makenzie, 7, and Kaden, 4, along with their little Pekinese dog, Sushi. The contest rules required the couple to produce a short preview for an everyday, mundane event-turned-epic.

“We chose an Easter Egg hunt between our kids and dog,” Matt explains. “Director, Ron Howard and Hunger Game Actor Josh Hutcherson will be watching and seeing the impact of the trailer by how many votes it gets. They will pick a winner, then make a short film inspired by the concept.”

The Sconce family hopes the mountain communities will rally around and vote online for their trailer, everyday.

The-Hunt-Dog“Share this post and spread the word far and wide,” encourages Matt. “People can help us by voting each day at the site. Go there and click ‘vote’ in the lower right and do it each day, as well as telling others about it.


It’s not surprising that Matt Sconce and his close-knit crew are coming out “on top” of the movie-contest biz. Matt has been making movies since 2004,; he’s produced five feature films, as well as written and directed two. With Keith Walker he co-owns the Met Cinema and co-founded Movie Heroes.”

Right now, Matt’s launching a new scary movie with Movie Heroes Studio, along with working on a sci-fi film, and an inspirational drama that showed at the Cannes Film Festival. The locally-raised filmmaker recently won NOVA Artist of the Year at the Northern Virginia Film Festival.

The-Hunt-KidsStaredownTo be clear, Matt’s not the only star in the family. Heather is an actor, singer, and playwright who runs the dramas and musicals at Sierra Pines Church, including last year’s acclaimed stage adaptation of It’s A Wonderful Life. Makenzie and Kaden are also dramatically inclined. Together, they seem unbeatable.

Between Movie Heroes, and the superhero masks the Sconce kids sport in The Hunt, a theme continues to thread its way through the life of Sconce.

“Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to be a super hero. I think most humans can relate: saving the day, rescuing people in danger, and caring for the hurting and lost are heroic traits. Heroes have a big role in my family and my business.”

Matt and Heather’s current quest for victory in this particular realm of filmmaking — winning the Ron Howard/Imagination project — started when a friend sent the creatively-attuned couple a link to the Canon Project Imagination contest online. The Sconce family wasted no time pulling production together.

Matt and Heather“We had a half an hour to spare so we started to think, ‘what a fun thing to do as a family… let’s do this!’ They brainstormed and came up with Easter Egg Hunt as a workable idea, grabbed some superhero masks, and enlisted the help of their dog named Sushi.

“People always say working with kids and dogs is the hardest but I think the trick is picking the right kids and dogs,” says the completely unbiased director and father. “My kids are the best kids in the world.” Sushi’s a pro as well.

It took about thirty minutes filming in their front yard for team Sconce to have the makings of something magical.

“We just wanted to do something fun. We had no idea we would make the finals. Working with family is the best because, not only are you getting to make something fun, but you are building memories and relationships that last a lifetime. Also, my family are my favorite people, so working with them is ridiculously fun.”

In the meantime, as the voting period advances for the Canon Imagination Project, the Sconce family wants the community to know they really appreciate everyone being behind them in this endeavor, and every other.

The support means so much to my family and me. I just want to encourage people to dream big and face down fear, to accomplish their goals in life. The first step to those goals is to start doing. Go… do… flourish. You are capable of greatness.”

Voting runs through June 10. Winners will be announced in July.

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